No More Work Shoe Blues For You!Make your feet feel like they're on holidays (even though you aren't!)

This post is brought to you by Hush Puppies

Quoting Cinderella “one shoe can change your life” – now I’m not saying we’re telling you fairy tales  BUT, Hush Puppies could totally change your life – and that’s no lie.

Imagine you could wear shoes to work that made you feel like you were walking on air all day.

QUIZ: If you answer YES to any of these then you need our help NOW

  1. Have you ever had a little inside cry because your shoes pinched so hard they gave you blisters?
  2. Come out of a meeting and hurled your shoes in the car never to wear them again?
  3. Stayed seated at your desk just so you don’t have to feel pain every time you take a step?
  4. Regretted that moment when you slipped out of your shoes just for a couple of minutes to give your feet some release only to realise that putting them back on was like walking on a pin cushion?

Hush Puppies have just introduced their new work range – perfect for anyone who’s on their feet all day.

The nurses, the air crews, the corporates and the busy mums ( and dads) we salute you with our new technology – Bounce Technology, Shock Absorbing Heels, Removable Insole – orthotics….just to name a few.

It’s time to make your feet feel like they’re on holidays (even though you aren’t!)

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