Things Parents Of Curly Haired Kids Know Too Well

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Things Parents Of Curly Haired Kids Know Too Well

If your kid has curly locks you will have undoubtedly experienced hair-related tantrums, episodes, and meltdowns – and we’re talking about you, not your child! Maintaining their curls and keeping them looking their best can be a daily battle. If your child was blessed with curly locks then no doubt you will have experienced some of these common bristly battles.


This is the biggy! Try as you might those knots will be a daily nuisance and you will be the one tasked with breaking them free. Investing in a good conditioner or detangling spray can work wonders and bring back your sanity. Also, a detangling brush can save you time and hassle when it comes to breaking down those nasty knots.

Fights to brush their hair

Your child will probably hate having their hair brushed and will detest sitting around while you sort it out. No doubt you already spend a ridiculous amount of time coaxing them to spend some quality time with their hairbrush. A good tip is to brush their hair when it’s wet after conditioning and then leave it alone until the next time it’s washed.

Awful haircuts

You take them to the hairdresser to get a trim and they come out with a hideous haircut. Finding a hairdresser that understands your child’s curly mane can be like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. Don’t even think about cutting it yourself or you probably won’t live it down. Instead research hairdressers that specialise in curly hair.

Teasing at school

Oh, other kids..! Of course, your child may receive some comments or teasing about their curly hair. Kids will be kids. Remind your child that they are lucky to be blessed with curly locks and some people pay hundreds of dollars to create the look that they have.


Headwear can be an issue for kids with curls. One problem can be finding hats that fit them all that extra hair can result in having to buy bigger sizes. Another setback can be flattening their locks with headwear can cause them even more hair issues. Always take them hat shopping and pick one that gives them ample room.


Combating the frizz is no easy feat. Humidity, wind and rain will be contributing factors to aggravating the hair. Try deep conditioners, hair serums, and curly creams to smooth out the frizz. There are actually more and more hair products for kids nowadays – look out for leave-in conditioners and detangling sprays to maintain your kid’s fro. Spend some time styling their hair especially if it’s long.

The summer heat

Big thick curls can be uncomfortable for your curly kid when it’s hot, especially in the summer months. They may be more hot and bothered than most and no doubt you will hear all about it. On really hot days try spritzing their hair with water.

Comments from other parents

Dealing with interesting remarks from other parents about your curly haired kid can be funny yet fascinating. Comments such as: “So, do you curl her hair every day?” or “How did he get such curly hair?”

Other remarks can be surprising: “So, when will you start straightening her hair?” or “You poor thing having to look after that hair.” Remember to take it all on the chin and remind yourself that some people just don’t understand the wonderful world of curly hair.

Do you have a curly haired child? How tricks do you have to maintain their curls? Does your child love or hate their curly locks?

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