NSFW: WTF Penis Plugs & Urethral Sounding – You do what? Ouch!

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  • NSFW: WTF Penis Plugs & Urethral Sounding – You do what? Ouch!

Just when you have heard of everything you get told about Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounding!

Okay, so when someone says “Urethral Sounding” do you immediately think of a medical procedure, or searching for an item on the bottom of the ocean?  Well, it turns out that this thing can actually be sexually pleasurable! Yep, weird right? Just when you thought boys had found everything possible to play with it!!!

Putting items into the penis hole? What? Huh? People do that?  Apparently – they do!

This item here my friends, is a penis plug… read on!

What The F*ck is Urethral Play?

Urethral Play, well, it’s literally plugging or probing the urethra (pee hole) to cause it to dilate! I repeat, “Pee Hole Probing” people!

Genitals have so many nerve endings, for men, in particular, this type of play is apparently quite pleasurable! Both men and women may experience pleasure from this type of play, but mostly it’s men as their urethral canals are much longer than a woman’s. By doing urethral play, it directly stimulates the prostate which apparently can lead to some very strong orgasms. Who knew right?

So, if you already are thinking “What the fuck?!” And “How on earth?”, then keep reading, it gets better!


Enter Urethral Play Sex Toys? You need a probe right….

Now you don’t need to be abducted by aliens to get probed.

There are stacks of different types of urethral toys, that all have different functions that will stimulate different sensations. Basically, there are two types of products: Urethral Sounding & Penis Plugs.

  • Penis Plugs are ideal for the newbies, and;
  • Urethral Sounding is for those game enough to go to the next level.

So, to make it easy. A penis plug is an item that is inserted into the urethra, just a few cms and will work to stimulate the tip of the penis. Most penis plugs will be slim in size, but like an anal plug, they can come in a range of sizes. The benefits of a penis plug are it can increase sensitivity, make an erection last longer and take orgasms to a whole new level.

Urethral Sounds, are a lot longer than the penis plug so they reach further inside the urethra, which is meant to be more pleasurable by stimulating the prostate and the bladder! Yes yes, they go that far up your pee hole, right to your bladder….wtf right. Sounds like sort of revenge for the guys probing our butts for so many years doesn’t it. 

Honestly, these toys look pretty terrifying, but maybe looks can be deceiving? There are products out there that the public can buy, so they must do something right??

Well wait until you have a look at the toys used for penis plugging and utheral sounding! It might make you cringe, or it might tweak your curiosity.

Vibrating 7 Speed Extra Quiet 6mm Silicone Urethral Dilator


So this toy is made with silicone, designed for comfortable insertion. It can be inserted up to 4.3 inches and has 7 different speeds of vibration. It also comes with full detailed instructions to avoid any injuries. Yes, it gets put in the penis hole.

Aye carumba!

Curious? Read More about it here >


Urethral Dilator

View Product >

Dominix Deluxe Penis Plug With Glans Ring

Price: $34.95

The Dominix Deluxe Penis Plug, so whilst inserted into the urethra, will also stimulate the frenulum. This stainless steel sex toy can also be “worn as a piece of jewellery” according to the manufacturer! Scary in itself! This toy can be 4.3mm at its slimmest and 7.9mm at its widest.

Oh in case you don’t know what a ‘Frenulum’ is – it is the small ridge or fold of skin that helps to anchor a body part. I had to Google it….

This honestly looks terrifying!

WTF? Read More About it Here >

View Product >

Penis Plug 6mm Hollow Ribbed Urethral Dilator 

Price: $42.95

Looking like something you would find on a key ring. This hollow dilator was designed for pleasure with its ribbed design. This sex toy is for the more experienced urethral prober, due to the ribbed edges! Bloody hell. In fact, actually, it looks like a pin that you use to lock in weights on gym equipment or something you would use to keep your fringe off your face. Terrifying!

Read more about it here >

View Product >

More Penis Plugs & Urethral Dilators 

SO…. there you have it, you are now a “Penis plug pro” lol No judgement by us non-pluggers out there, but I think most men would run for cover at the thought of using one. 


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