Positive Thoughts To Think Everyday

Positive thoughts make positive things happen. The power of positive vibes is not just stuff for the peace, love and mung beans crowd. While it’s not always possible to be having positive thoughts all the time using affirmations or a few key positive thoughts can keep you on a more positive thought track day to day.

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Today is Awesome

Greet each and every day with a positive thought. By waking up thinking your day will be awesome, it may just turn out that way. Sure things can go wrong or not to plan, but by believing your day will be awesome you will attract awesome things.

This Makes Me Happy

Doing things that makes you happy leaves you in a positive state of mind. Really focussing on how happy it makes you while doing them will imprint those positive vibes into your mind.

I Am Calm and Relaxed

We all know how fast life goes by. Train your brain to feel more at ease by telling yourself throughout the day you are calm and relaxed. If an affirmation alone is not cutting the mustard, try saying this one taking slow big breaths in and out.

Everything Happens For Reason

Not that old chestnut you’re probably all thinking. We may not always be able to see why at the time, but it is true, everything does happen for a reason. Tell yourself this for reassurance when things go haywire, and stay positive that you are where you need to be right now.

Just One Day at a Time

Another golden oldie, but best used when you are overwhelmed. Sometimes even just living one day at a time is too much. No worries! Break that day down into an hours, minutes or seconds at a time if needed. Things will get better! Just keep telling yourself to take it one day at a time.

Do you use positive thoughts or affirmations? We’d love to hear your favourite one.

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