10 EASY Ways to Improve Your Sex Life NOW!

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10 EASY Ways to Improve Your Sex Life NOW!

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sex Life Right Now

While most of us are busy with kids, work and who knows what else, our sex life can often be at the bottom of the list when it comes to priorities. If you are looking to improve your sex life, here are 10 suggestions of things you can do that can help improve your sex life right now.

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1. Buy Some New Lingerie 

Nothing makes you feel more sexy and confident than a gorgeous new set of lingerie, so let your partner feel that extra level of confidence from you, splurge and buy yourself some new lingerie. Maybe even try a different style or colour to switch it up!

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2. Switch Up Foreplay 

Foreplay is the way that both you are your partner get excited with each other and have fun exploring each others bodies. Maybe find a fun card game (see below), or give each other a massage? Foreplay doesn’t always require you to have your clothes on either! You can also try teasing your partner through the day, with some naughty texts.

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3. Experiment with a Blindfold 

When one of our senses is removed, like our vision. It amps up all of our other senses, which can make blindfolding heaps of fun in the bedroom. Have a look online, you can find tons of different things that you can experiment with while using a blindfold. It’s the perfect way to tease your partner and get them excited.

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Using a DIY Blindfold will work but if you want some to frame the occasion, this is my recommendation:

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4. Eat your Apples! 

So, turns out that there was a study done that linked apple consumption to having a satisfying sex life for younger women! So while apples are good for your health, they may also be good for your sex drive as well! So, why not?

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5. Get Active 

While not directly related to fun in the bedroom, it can still help you to feel confident and sexy, which you can let flow into the bedroom. Try yoga, pilates, or even a HIIT class.

6. Do your Kegels

So, it’s something you hear about when you are pregnant, and that’s your pelvic floor muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles are often weakened during pregnancy, and when this happens this can make your orgasms less intense.

So, by doing kegels – you can improve your orgasm intensity as well help improve any other pelvic floor issues like peeing a little when you sneeze. Just use some Kegel training balls, and hold for 5 seconds, 15 times once or twice a day. Your pelvic floor muscles will be stronger in no time!

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7. Lube Up 

If you sometimes experience pain during sex, particularly after having kids. It’s always recommended to seek medical advice, but another tip to keep you going in the mean time is to lube up. This will help keep everything moist, reducing uncomfortable pain. There are heaps of different brands available, with most of them being water based. You can even get flavoured ones, or lube designed specifically for anal. Who knew right?

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8. Wear Socks!

When you think of your sex life, it sounds pretty weird to wear your socks during, right? Well! Turns out that a study was done by University of Groningen in the Netherlands that concluded that more women had difficulty reaching orgasm with their feet were cold! So, leave your socks on! You never know, it might help!

9. Track Your Sex Life 

Life is very busy, and more often than not, our sex lives are at the bottom of the list of priorities. Like everything, there is actually an app that can help you track your sex life! Sex Tracker by Nice is available on the App store. It’s a sex and intimacy calendar, which can track where, when, and how long you are intimate. Maybe you want to set a challenge to have sex a certain amount of times a week.

10. Fulfil A Sexual Fantasy 

Why not have an open and honest conversation with your partner about your fantasies and desires. It can be scary to do this at first, but once you both open up and share what fantasies you both have, you can plan on fulfilling them which can be heaps of fun! Weather it’s a fantasy for you or your partner, it’s a great way to even just have a laugh, and built intimacy with one another.

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