Designer Adult Toys for the Modern Woman

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Designer Adult Toys for the Modern Woman

Most women today have an array of sex toys in our bedroom drawer.

Sexual health is such a vital part of being a modern woman. We like to experiment with new sex toys that come onto the market. Gone are the days we bought one vibrator and that lasted us for years. Now we tell our friends about the latest designer adult toys we bought and we compare notes. We see singers and actors on the television with their own branded versions of sex toys.

Masturbation isn’t seen as ‘dirty’, but a normal part of life.

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lily allen | Stay at Home
Lily Allen has her own brand of Womanizer called ‘The Liberty’

We Demand Quality!

When it comes to the quality of our sex toys, women are demanding better. Sex toys for women are now less about ‘Purple Penis vibrating wands’ and more like body-hugging beautiful ergonomic silicon that is so ‘incognito’ they could sit on your bedside table and no one would bat an eyelid. Premium sex toys are beautiful to look at, crafted to perfection and certainly don’t sound or feel like a jackhammer is going to town on your nether-regions as cheap sex toys can.

Premium sex toy manufacturers do an incredible amount of research to bring you the best features, ergonomic design, connectivity and ultra-premium materials.

Like the Ferrari of the car world, JOUJOU is the ‘Ferrari’ of the Adult Product world. Selling the worlds’ very best, most luxurious and premium sex toys on the planet.

And they even have high-end sex toys for men too – which is starting to become mainstream. Check this one out below, I had to actually click on it to see what it was (and I encourage you to do the same, I don’t want to ruin the surprise….)

lelo f1S | Stay at Home

Let’s look at the latest in premium sex toys from JOUJOU:

1. The New Womanizer Premium Intense Clitoral Orgasm

If you have never used a Womanizer before, you absolutely must. Unlike most other vibrators that ‘vibrate’ to give you please, the Womanizer has a ‘sucking’ technology that stimulates your clitoris without actually making contact. The New Womanizer Premium has 12 different intensity levels, from soft and gentle to toe-curling scream!.

The best feature about the Womanizer is that it only works when it almost comes into contact with your skin. Making it quiet enough to use in the next room from the children. It’s also completely waterproof so you can take it in the tub with you!

Comes in a variety of colours such as black & gold, red & gold, blueberry & silver, raspberry & silver (pictured) and white & silver.

2. The Vush Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator

If this gorgeous little ‘Blorange’ vibrator looks familiar, that’s because Cardi B showcased The Vush in her music video ‘Up’ (seriously – go check it out!). The Vush is beautiful to look at, has 5 varying levels and 10 earth-shattering vibration patterns designed for maximum pleasure. This is perfect as one’s ‘First sex toy’ – or just to add another beautiful vibrator to your current collection.

Plus it’s waterproof, so get those bubbles in the tub and make some memories with The Vush Majesty.

The Vush Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator from JOUJOU

3. The Zalo King Powerthust Vibrating Thruster

If you are a big fan of the TV Series ‘The Boys’ well the character ‘The Deep’ looks a whole lot like The Zalo King Powerthurst! Unlike any vibrator you have ever seen before, the Zalo King was actually inspired by the golden mask of the ancient Egyptian King. But this vibrator doesn’t just look incredible. It has a set of high-performing motors and precision electric drive structures that raise its thrust power to a whole new level.

With a thrust frequency of up to 40 times per second, your orgasm will be fast, and powerful!

An added bonus is that the Zalo King comes with its own App and personal remote-control (or your partner can be in control) so you can increase or decrease the thrust-power at a swish of the screen.

| Stay at Home
The Zalo King Powerthrust Vibrating Thruster from JOUJOU

4. The NJOY Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Looking more like a huge belly-button piercing than sex toy, this futuristic dildo is designed for a direct connection to your favourite spot – whether that be your g-spot or p-spot! Created with the perfect curvature to easily reach its destination, it is smooth and hand-polished to a mirror shine in medical grade stainless steel. Use it cool, or use your hands to warm it up to body temperature. Alternatively use warm or cool water to change the temperature.

Not everyone is a fan of silicone. So stainless steel is a clean, alternative material that is easy to care for, completely body-safe and non-porous.

njoy wand | Stay at Home
The NJOY Stainless Steel Dildo from JOUJOU

5. The New WeVibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator

The traditional Rabbit Vibrator has been around for decades. But this one might not look how you remembered The Rabbit vibrator of old. The New Wevibe Nova 2 allows you to stimulate both your clitoris and g-spot at the same time, so this is perfect if you struggle to get to orgasm as it ‘covers all bases’.

The WeVibe Nova 2 is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit your body comfortably. The shape is adjustable so once you have found the perfect fit for you, it will stay in place.

Best of all, with the free We-Connect app, you and your partner can play together, even if you are apart. Create custom vibrations and adjust the intensity.

| Stay at Home
The New WEVIBE Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator from JOUJOU

6. The New WeVibe Tango X Powerful Bullet Vibrator

Vibrators don’t have to be large to be enjoyable. In fact sometimes what comes in small packages is even better. That’s the case with the new WeVibe Tango X Powerful Bullet Vibrator. With one of the world’s most powerful bullet motors, and created in a shape that is optimised for your maximum pleasure, this powerhouse vibrator is perfect for a first-timer or a travel vibrator in your handbag.

Small enough to fit in the size of your palm, but with vibrations that are more rumbly than ever, this will be a staple in your home adult toy collection.

tango | Stay at Home

7. The WeVibe Unite 2 Couples Vibrator

There are unfortunately a few fella’s out there that are still scared of introducing a sex toy into the bedroom. Change his mind with this one. Made just for couples, it is worn during sex to stimulate both partners for hands-free clitoral stimulation for her, and a slim flexible design to make him sorry he ever doubted how good sex toys can be.

Made of super-soft silicone, the WeVibe Unite is charged in just 90 minutes and it gives you two full hours of play with every charge.

| Stay at Home
The WeVibe Unite 2 Couples Vibrator from JOUJOU

8. The New Womanizer Duo – Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulator

Looking less ‘fake penis’ and more ‘Starship Enterprize’, the New Womanizer Duo is the perfect combination of clitoral and g-spot stimulation. This premium sex toy is really something special and innovative in the adult industry. The incredible ergonomic design and materials are the very best on the market.

The Womanizer Duo works with the innovative ‘Pleasure Air Technology’. This tantalises your clitoris with both sucking and massaging by changing air pressure. At the same time, the Womanizer Duo will be deeply stimulating your g-spot, the most powerful motor currently available on the market.

Made to make you scream! I want one!

womanizer duo | Stay at Home
The New Womanizer Duo Clitoral & G Spot Stimulator from JOUJOU

9. Lovense Domi 2 Wand Vibrator

Oh, the humble wand is now not so humble. Think of the traditional wand of old – then throw it in the bin cause this wand has all the technology, science and styling packed into a smaller, more discreet size. Now let’s look at why this wand is so chic.

The Lovense Domi has the ability to be used long-distance via an app. So if your lover isn’t nearby, you can both still enjoy using the wand (it even has a light so you can both see what’s happening). The new Lovense Domi also has a reinforced neck that allows the user to apply pressure wherever you want, and it also has three times the battery life!

Oh and best of all – you can sync the vibrations to music! Oh and you can use the Lovense whilst it is still charging!

These are just a few of the latest innovations in luxury sex toys to hit the market. To see more, check out the range at JOUJOU.

Premium sex toys are an investment in your sexual pleasure. Go ahead, you are worth it!
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