6 Reasons Foreplay Will Get Your Partner Hot and Bothered

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6 Reasons Foreplay Will Get Your Partner Hot and Bothered

Good foreplay is the guaranteed way you will get us gals always coming back for more….

Foreplay is the sizzle in the sausage, the tomato sauce on top of a pie… Foreplay is what makes good sex, GREAT SEX!. Most partners (and I’m mainly talking about the men variety here) – think that foreplay is just the lead-up to sex. And that sex is the main event. But foreplay can be the entree and the dessert. And it’s a great way to get us in the mood to jump your bones!

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6 Reasons Foreplay Will Get Your Partner Hot and Bothered | Stay At Home Mum

Here is 6 Reasons Foreplay Will Get Your Partner Hot and Bothered…

1. Foreplay is Incredible!

Think back to when you were in your first sexual relationship – having sex on a lazy Sunday morning. Do you think back to the pounding or the penetration? Nope. You think of the amazing kiss that left you breathless, the teasing, the removal of clothing… The fancy lingerie you bought…

Foreplay is all the best parts of sex, teasing and touching.

6 Reasons Foreplay Will Get Your Partner Hot and Bothered | Stay At Home Mum

2. Foreplay Prepares Your Body for Pentration

What better way to get your girl hot and heavy than indulging in some foreplay. Sex isn’t just about penetration – even for Hetero couples. But it can be the build-up to that. Spending more time on foreplay means that when it comes to penetration, you will be ‘All Systems GO!’.

When you remember that only 25% of people who have vagina’s can orgasm through penetration, it’s no wonder we girls focus on the good bit for us – the foreplay!

Foreplay increases natural lubrication in women, helps men maintain a strong erection and if you find sex can sometimes be painful, foreplay helps you relax those muscles making it more pleasurable for all. As women get older, lubrication can be a problem, luckily there is such a huge variety of lube on the market now, it can even come in flavours. Lube makes sex great!

Lubricant should be the mainstay in every bedroom drawer!

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3. It Increases Intimacy Between Partners

Anyone can have sex, but intimacy is what makes a relationship. Spending time exploring your partner’s body, seeing what they like and building that arousal is hot and makes all participants feel good about themselves and each other.

So if things have been a bit flat in the bedroom, indulge in a long foreplay session and see the sparks fly!

6 Reasons Foreplay Will Get Your Partner Hot and Bothered | Stay At Home Mum

4. Foreplay Gets Us Mentally Turned On

When it comes to sex, for most men it is purely physical. But that’s not how it works for women. We need to be mentally engaged. During foreplay, our bodies release Oxytocin (or the ‘Cuddle’ hormone’ which makes us feel good. And when we feel good, we are less stressed.

Women are often so mentally exhausted by family, house and work, that it can be hard for us to relax. Allowing more time for foreplay will relax your partner and allow them to just focus on pleasure instead.

5. Foreplay Builds the Anticipation of Sex

The best part about sex is the anticipation. So take your time. Make your partner crave your touch with teasing, kissing and ‘edging’.

Edging is sexual stimulation that brings you to the point just before climax, then backing off. And if you struggle to orgasm, it is a great technique to use. Edging can be practised either on your own during masturbation or with your partner. Edging can increase the intensity of orgasm in women and can be used as a way to avoid premature ejaculation in men.

Edging is a fun technique for couples to learn how their partner likes to be touched.

If you struggle to get to the point of edging, try using a vibrator with your partner!

6. Foreplay is a Good Place to Experiment with Your Partner

Experimentation in the bedroom always keeps things fresh and exciting. Because formulated sex becomes boring very quickly.

LHYL Intimacy Couple Kiss 1 | Stay at Home

Foreplay is a great time to use a new sex toy, try some dirty talk or even partake in a sex game. If it works – great! If it doesn’t, well at least you know, and it’s good to try anyway.

Sex Toys are an enhancement to great sex, not a replacement for it. Go online shopping for sex toys together to see what looks fun and what you might like to try. And if you or your partner struggle to reach orgasm, sex toys can be a fantastic tool to make that happen.

You can never have too much of a good thing when it comes to foreplay. So next time you and your partner are in the mood to get hot and heavy, delay the main event and enjoy the deliciousness of good foreplay!

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