Are You Up for A One-Night Stand?

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Are You Up for A One-Night Stand?

Women seeking sex via a one night stand without the hassle of a relationship used to be totally unhead of…

But times have changed – for the better. Now modern women, especially single Mum’s have options when it comes to seeking physical intimacy whenever and wherever they wish.

Not All Single Mums Are Looking for a Relationship

Relationships are great, don’t get me wrong! But only if both partners are on the same page. If you want something with no strings attached, then we’re talking about one-night stands. 

With most of us being in different states of lockdown during Covid, we are indoors all the time and are seeing a rise in the rates of depression, especially with stay-at-home mums, who have little ones who demand so much of their attention and little to no time for self-care and self-satisfaction.

Research suggests that humans are in dire need of socialisation. We are innately compassionate beings and we constantly feed on the love and attention of a loving partner, even if that partner is only around for one night.

If you’re interested in a one night stand with no strings attached but don’t know where to start, I’ve created some tips for you to help you unleash your wild side!

First of all, no one will judge you for wanting to have sex with no strings attached. It is actually incredibly fun, and it can boost your sexual confidence.

If you think your friends are going to judge you, well it’s time to change your friends.

Casual sex isn’t a crime! Most people do it, and they’re perfectly fine with it. 

Here’s how that actually looks like...

Make Sure This Is What You Want

Before you dive into a one night stand, you need to consider if this is something you really want. We know humans are complicated beings and that things can change, and you could end up falling in love or looking for something a bit more meaningful.

Is it a deeper connection beyond the carnal you crave for? There is nothing wrong with wanting both options, but you really need to consider if you’re looking for love or to satisfy your sexual desires. 

Online Dating Apps

Why do single mums want to hook up with someone they don’t know? Because it can be fun and since we have the internet full of online dating apps, why not? There are many options when it comes to finding a casual relationship on the internet.

Are You Up for A One-Night Stand? | Stay At Home Mum

As an example, Tinder used to be one of the most preferred online dating platforms. Recently, it has become a place where women get likes on pictures and that’s all. It’s not a platform where you can find people to hook up with. So, to avoid unsatisfying situations like this, make sure you choose a dating site that is completely focused on dating

A one-night stand might be challenging for single, stay-at-home mums, but it is perfect for men and women who want sex without any complications. It has all the benefits that sex can offer but is a lot simpler!

If you feel confident enough and serious about finding a one-night stand partner, look through the internet and consider the options available.

Send those flirty selfies and messages, girl! Do it!

Onlineforlove is a one-night stand site where you can have the chance to meet up with guys and girls, no strings attached!

Are You Up for A One-Night Stand? | Stay At Home Mum
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