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Don't Flick the Bean! Get a Good Sex Toy Instead! - Stay at Home Mum

Don’t Flick the Bean! Get a Good Sex Toy Instead!

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Don’t Flick the Bean! Get a Good Sex Toy Instead!

Women deserve regular orgasms – and it is no longer taboo to own a vibrator – or five!

A woman’s work is never done. She has long days filled with crucial responsibilities to her coworkers, friends, and family. Her duties include satisfying the needs of others while forgetting her own.

So, when does she find time to pamper herself? Women’s sex toys may provide an answer. 

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No One Believed Women Had Orgasms

Back in the day, nobody believed women had orgasms. Instead, doctors would attribute the female sex drive to hysteria and insomnia. Physicians were even prescribing dildos and vibrators to women as a clinical treatment for mysterious ailments.

Some sceptics still suggest that the female orgasm is a myth. Meanwhile, most women laugh at the idea that only men can enjoy sex. Studies have revealed that healthy females crave physical affection just like virile males. Modern doctors also know that frequent orgasms can improve a person’s well-being regardless of their anatomy. 

Stop the Stigma of Women Using Sex Toys

Using sex toys for women might seem naughty, but that’s an outdated stigma. Relying solely on a partner to satisfy your sexual needs can be inefficient, inconvenient, or impossible. However, total abstinence isn’t always in the cards, nor is it your healthiest option. How do busy gals get everything done without sacrificing even more of their personal time? It’s a little secret called sex toys.  

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What Are Women’s Sex Toys?

A sex toy is loosely defined as any synthetic object used for sexual enjoyment. Yet, women’s pleasure products are a bit more sophisticated than that. The most common types stimulate external nerve endings, penetrate to massage the g-spot or both. They’re generally lightweight, sleek, and compact without being weak, noisy, or awkward. 

Manufacturers continually introduce new products, giving women more choices than they’ve ever had before. You can select luxury designs with intuitive features or target specific body parts to get what you need in minutes. Plus, many models are either USB rechargeable or require no batteries whatsoever. 

Women’s personal pleasure devices deliver consistent performances despite a demanding schedule, unlike live partners. They don’t argue, require a favour in return, or complain about your appetites. Best of all, the cleverly designed gadgets can fit inside a handbag or slip into a pocket to help you hump discreetly on the go. 

DID YOU KNOW: Many sex toys for women feature interactive settings for real-time couples’ play.  

The 5 Hottest Features of Sex Toys for Discreet Women 

Most people want to experience an intense orgasm as often as possible. However, they can’t embarrass themselves or make it evident that they’re flicking the bean. Nobody has the guts to whip out a massive dildo, and who does that anyway? Modern problems require modern solutions. 

Unfortunately, some libidos don’t match their lifestyle. That’s another way of saying folks get turned on at inconvenient times. Discreet sex toys for women help turn saucy daydreams into realities without airing the dirty laundry. These are the features they use to make the magic happen: 

  1. #1. Compact Designs 

Many manufacturers made female pleasure feel like an afterthought for a long time. Brands introduced clunky appliances that weighed a ton and sounded like rockets. Most drained batteries and all were challenging to hide. We didn’t have many top-secret options for several decades, but that’s not a valid argument anymore. 

Today’s sex toy marketplace overflows with compact, lightweight devices. Some machines are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, using robust micromotors to generate surprising power. Extra-discreet enthusiasts can also find lipstick-shaped vibrators and pocket-sized clitoral massagers. 

  1. #2. Whisper-Quiet Motors

Nothing causes more suspicion than a woman with a toy buzzing loudly in the other room. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about sounding the alarm every time you climax anymore. Intelligent sex toy manufacturers often include silent or near-silent motors to ensure maximum secrecy no matter how hard you play. 

Many options also feature touch-sensitive components that automatically disengage to save battery and reduce noise. Some let you manually adjust the settings while playing, giving you even more control over the sensations, timing, and exposure. 

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  1. #3. Clever Storage Containers 

It didn’t take long for sex toy makers to realize that women had particular needs in the self-pleasure department. For one, we usually don’t wear large pockets. That means our pants can reveal our secrets if we’re not careful. For two, our handbags are more like suitcases for the family. Modest modern women can’t get caught with a dong next to their car keys. 

The best options typically come in elegant containers with minimal markings. They can look like cosmetics pallets, sunglass cases, travel toothbrushes, and flashlights. Some storage containers even feature self-cleaning modes or built-in USB ports to help you recharge while you take charge. 

  1. #4. Remote Controls 

Personalized pleasure no longer has to be a solo mission now that SexTech has revolutionized the way women orgasm. Advanced devices come with remotes to accommodate hands-free play long-distance experimentation. You can hand the reins to a partner and experience real-time stimulation from across the room. 

RC sex toys for women aren’t as complicated as they seem. Many offer straightforward designs and have integrated elements to make connectivity a snap. You might need to buy separate batteries for the remote, but at least you can use the device with or without the extra features. 

  1. #5. App-Compatibility

Busy lifestyles can bring the action to a complete stop, even with the best intentions and excellent planning. In-person encounters are also challenging when little ears listen from the other room. However, app-compatible sex toys take remote controls to a whole new level. 

Sync the toy to your smartphone using a free app. Then instinctively control the device as you explore bonus settings and customizable features. You can create tailored sensations, share the fun with a partner, or experience new delights on massive content libraries and interactive platforms. 


Many interactive sex toys provide access to amateur webcam performances. You can also match features to a specific XXX star for fantasy fulfilment.     


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  1. The Benefits of a Healthy Sex Toy Collection 

A healthy sex life starts with supplying frequent orgasms regardless of the demands. Medical professionals suggest women reach climax at least three times a week, while others advocate for even more. The point is that a versatile sex toy collection is crucial, especially if you’re already under a ton of stress. Keeping the flame alive while preventing a house fire can be tricky. 

Fortunately, pursuing sexual pleasure isn’t gluttony. Science attaches several unique benefits to achieving the Big O, including these: 

  1. Boosted Mood 

Orgasms release endorphins and dopamine into your bloodstream, producing a natural high. Consistency in the bedroom can also help treat depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. 

Be a more loving parent and partner with soothed nerves. 

  1. Reduced Pain 

You can’t say no to sex because of a headache anymore. Research shows that an orgasm can alleviate body pains, headaches, and migraines within minutes. You’ll need a new excuse the next time you’re not in the mood. 

Play like you mean it without mobility limitations. 

  1. Improved Immunities 

Satisfying intercourse and foreplay can help prevent the transmission of common infectious diseases. The reason is that orgasms fortify your immune system, making it harder for germs to affect you. 

Avoid sick days to stay on your A-game. 

  1. Increased Fertility 

Women who have sex or masturbate often are more fertile on average. They regulate their reproductive systems and enjoy healthier pregnancies by repeatedly stimulating their hypothalamus gland. 

Plan your family using natural, holistic methods. 

  1. Better Focus 

The human body reacts positively to spikes in DHEA levels. Additional neurochemicals can streamline brain function, making memory and concentration your new superpowers. 

Never miss a beat with a clear perspective. 

  1. Enhanced Appearance 

Orgasms can make you more beautiful. According to research, women who have satisfying sex twelve times per month can look ten years younger in the mirror. 

Maintain magnificence through the power of your femininity.  

  1. Closer Connections 

Form an undying bond with your partner using discreet sex toys. Avoid temptation, fulfil desires, and safely experiment while enjoying each other’s company (or not). 

Prevent heartbreak with pleasure tools that actually work. 

Orgasms are detoxifying and intoxicating at the same time. However, an O-face is only as good as the sex toy that produces it. When one-on-one play doesn’t work, reach for a discreet device designed specifically for women like us. 

  1. Conclusion: Girls Just Want to Have Fun 

Good sex is crucial whether you’re a busy stay-at-home mom or an executive with a demanding career. An orgasm is excellent for your health and necessary for your relationships. History proves it, science supports it, and women deserve it. However, with clunky gadgets and loud motors, cravings aren’t easy to satisfy. 

Most modern women prefer limited discretion over limitless debauchery. They want whisper-quiet machines with ergonomic features and compact designs. They usually save the massive toys for a special occasion.

Fortunately, manufacturers have finally met our demands. We don’t have to flick the bean in shame anymore to keep our secrets. 

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