A Gorgeous Soft Tattoo Method: WatercoloursSome beautiful fresh ideas!

Are you interested in getting a tattoo but want a fresher, more feminine perspective? This may help!

Watercolour tattoos are getting some attention because of the bolder and brighter appearance of the colours. The striking difference between watercolour and traditional tattoos is the absence of outlines and defined shapes, which give traditional tattoos that distinctive look.

The new style does not part from the traditional way of tattooing, except that the watercolour effect is simulated. It basically means that needle is still part of the process (meaning, it will still hurt!) and would require the same amount of care after the tattoo session.

How long the colour lasts on the skin in a traditional tattoo depends on the quality of ink used and the skin’s reaction to it, the saturation of colour and the artist’s skill. Same holds true for watercolour tattoo. Make sure to choose a design that you will be happy with from the first day you get it through to your octogenarian years.

Here are some beautiful watercolour tattoo ideas!

On Your Hands and Arms:

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On Your Back:

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via sortrature.com
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via hative.com
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On Your Legs, Abdomen and Shoulders:

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Aren’t they gorgeous? Which one did you like most?

A Gorgeous Soft Tattoo Method: Watercolours | Stay At Home Mum

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