You Can Now Test Your Hormones, Fertility and Mental Health Without Visiting the GP!

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You Can Now Test Your Hormones, Fertility and Mental Health Without Visiting the GP!
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The most annoying part about going to the Doctor is when you have to go to all the trouble of getting a blood test, then they go: “Everything is within normal range.”

Well, that’s great and all but what does that mean, exactly?

I trust my GP implicitly – but I want to know more. And I know the local GP doesn’t really have the time to go through every test that they run on your blood, and what each level means, but I’m interested in actually seeing those results for myself.

So when I came across i-screen, it really piqued my interest.

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i-screen does a multitude of different blood tests, you choose the ones you want, then they send you a form to take to your local QML (at no extra cost). You get your blood taken. Then, around 48 hours later (depending on the test you do), they email you with all your blood results including an explanation of each test, and where you fall within what is ‘normal’. I was most impressed that they have an MTHFR Check which tests you for a gene mutation which causes anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, depression and even Autism!

So why do this instead of going to the Doctor?

Doctors are busy people, but if there is a real problem, there is no better person to go and see.  But, if you want all the details of your blood test, or have a specific goal in mind (ie pregnancy or to test your fertility), then you can just miss that step and go right to the results.

The best thing about i-screen is that if a problem arises, you can take your results straight to your GP for treatment. i-screen is not a replacement for the doctors but it is a useful tool to be more pro-active with your health by knowing everything about your body.

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The types of tests they do include:

The Well Woman Check

(This is the test I got done which is attached below)

The Well Woman Check tests Female Hormone Panel, Iron, Full Blood Count, Bone Health, Inflammation, Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Liver Function and Kidney Function. At the end, they give you a recommendation on how to improve your health.  I-screen also remembers your results so if you get the blood test done every year to check your health, your next test will compare the results from last time.

They have a series of other types of health checks such as:

Thyroid Check

1 in 7 Aussies live with a thyroid condition.  Symptoms can include low energy, depression, weight gain and insomnia.

Advanced Thyroid Check

The Advanced Thyroid Check is a comprehensive assessment of your thyroid function.  The test includes an investigation of an underlying auto-immune disorder.

Adrenal Fatigue Check

If you have a really stressful job and feel constantly tired – you might suffer from Adrenal Fatigue.  It is because we have limited ‘down time’ and are always in flight mode.  This test will assess your response to stress and provide insights to help you balance your hormones.

Essential Health Check

This test covers all the essentials for a comprehensive annual checkup.

This is an extract of my results from the Well Woman Check

If you have a look, my Cholesterol is ‘within the normal Range’ but it is still a little higher than what’s ideal for me. So, I’ve decided to eat more oats and switch from butter to a better substitute.

If I hadn’t seen these results for myself I wouldn’t have known I was borderline!

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My Female Hormone Panel Results

Most of you know that I recently had a hysterectomy so I didn’t know what to expect for my female hormone panel and as you can see, it is a bit all over the place as it would be with my body still healing.

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I love how there is an explanation for everything – and if you aren’t sure about it – they have more information in the recommendations at the end  so you can really understand the results and what they mean for you and your health.

Women (and Men!) Can Now Check Their Fertility

This is one that I would have done when I did IVF all those years ago. I think if any lady is thinking of having children or like me is at the end of your child-bearing age and approaching menopause, you can check your levels.

Female Hormone Check

Checks your levels of oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, LH, FSH and prolactin. All the same tests a fertility doctor would have you do and you can take the results straight to your Doctor!

Fertility Check

One in six couples has trouble conceiving. This test ensures your body is in good physical shape so you can improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

Early Pregnancy Check

You can now confirm a pregnancy nice and early without having to go to the GP.  This tests your body’s hormone levels which can then tell you how many weeks pregnant you are.

Ovulation Check

Many women can track their ovulation patterns using a thermometer or can even feel ovulation pains. The rest of us have no idea. This simple blood test can improve your chance of conceiving by checking whether you are ovulating.

Ovarian Reserve Check

This simple test can give you an indication of how many eggs you have left, and the likelihood of conceiving.

Male Hormone Check

Check your man for any hormonal imbalances that may be an indicator of infertility issues.

Semen Check

Five different tests that investigate the health of the male reproductive organs.

…AND you can test for food Intolerance, allergies and gut health

Suspect that you might have food allergies or coeliac disease? You can get fully tested for all food allergies and gut health!

They also have tests for the men in our lives:

Because we want our men to be around for a long time too and most fellas are notoriously bad for not going to the Doctor to get checked out. Now they can have a full blood test done without having to go to the GP.

I like the fact that these tests are well priced, FAST and informational. I’m keen to get a few more done, and get the Well Woman Check done yearly as I want to be around for a good time and a long time!

If you want to see my full Well Woman Report (I have nothing to hide) I have included it here:

iscreen full test e1537747578598 | Stay at Home iscreen full test | Stay at Home


i-screen is definitely a must-have for women – especially mums!

No more wondering about our health because the information we need is in our hands, just a few clicks away!

You Can Now Test Your Hormones, Fertility and Mental Health Without Visiting the GP!

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