The Latest In Plastic surgery

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The Latest In Plastic surgery

From Botox to lips fillers, boob jobs to nose jobs, the cosmetic surgery industry is booming, with more affordable and accessible surgeries than ever before.

So it comes as little surprise the rate in which the industry is evolving and introducing new technologies and procedures to keep up with pubic demand.

Here are just some of the latest cosmetic surgery advancements to take shape.


1. 3D Facial View


Imagine being able to see exactly what you would look like post-surgery “” before going under the knife. New technology is doing just that, allowing patients to see a preview of their new faces with 3D prints. MirrorMe3D creates busts in perfect likeness of their customers “” only enhanced by a smaller nose or with a virtual cheek lift.
Now you can see your new face before going under the knife… and decide against it if you are scared of your new look.

2. Virtual Mirror for Boob Jobs


Computer software company Illusio Imaging has announced a reality system that utilises computer imaging software to accurately show patients how cosmetic surgery could alter their body. The Illusio imaging system creates what the company describes as a “virtual mirror” on either an iPad or Android tablet by overlaying a 360-degree 3D image of the potential physical changes post-surgery.
The augmented image, captured without the need for photographic or scanning equipment, can be sculpted in real-time by the surgeon within a bespoke application that uses artistic controllers to imagine “pre- and post-op results in just a few minutes”.

3. The Lunchtime Boob Job

Latest plastic Surgery

Oh yes, you heard right. Women who are seeking to have fuller breasts can now have their wish during their lunch-hour,. Touted as the must-have procedure of the future, this treatment, called Macrolane, does not involve the insertion of implants. Instead breasts are plumped up with injections in an hour-long appointment. The effects are less dramatic than conventional breast implants – increasing breast size from between half to three-quarters of a cup size – and the effects will only last for two to three years – rather than the usual 10 to 15.

4. The 3D Face Lift


Hmmm, any sort of facelift sounds frightening, but perhaps this is less so. The procedure, called volumetric or three dimensional face-lift, aims to plump out the face by pulling tissue inside the face back on to the cheekbones to give it a more youthful look rather than cutting away and tightening the skin – the technique used in the more traditional face-lift.

Patients come away with fewer scars because the process does not involve as much cutting away of the skin. The surgeon instead makes incisions by each ear to reach the inner face tissue that may have slipped down the face due to ageing. It is pulled back upwards and resuspended on the cheekbones. The traditional face-lift involves making larger incisions by the ears and on the hairline.

5. Personal Botox


Oh yes, you can now grow your own collagen to be injected into your face, which is so much better than bovine collagen from cows…. right?

The procedure involved the patient supplying a sample of his or her own collagen and grown in a laboratory which is then injected into their wrinkles. According to the experts, when a person’s own collagen is used it stimulates the body to continue to produce more collagen, so the effects last much longer. A surgeon can also keep a sample of the patient’s collagen in a laboratory for future use in other wrinkles.

6. Botox Quicky!

Plastic surgeons giving injection of botox in female lips - isolated white

A new treatment is about to be launched that will last just two to three weeks, instead of the normal  four to six months. It’s aimed at people who want the procedure simply for a special occasion or who are more cautious about trying Botox and would like to test out a more temporary procedure first.

Will you be tempted?

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