Do You Have A Saggy Vagina? Try Vontouring!

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Do You Have A Saggy Vagina? Try Vontouring!

Strap in ladies because there is a new cosmetic procedure in town “” for your vagina!

Vontouring “” yes, it’s like ‘contouring’ but with a V “” is the latest cosmetic fad women all over the world are turning to, to give their vagina a little lift.

It’s not about using concealer and a matte bronzer to illuminate and define your labia (because that would work…not), but a non-surgical treatment that claims to reduce the size of ladies’ labia lips and make them ‘plumper’ and ‘firmer’.

Vontouring, also known as Intima Protégé, involves holding a pen-like device that uses thermal energy to stimulate collagen production against the skin. The additional collagen production causes the skin to become plumper and tighter, reducing the shape and size of prominent or low-hanging labia.

So, basically, it makes a saggy vagina look … perky!

Vontouring | Stay At Home Mum

Vontouring doesn’t just affect the appearance of the vagina, but apparently, it improves sensation down there, too.

When subjects were tested, 80 per cent reported ‘moderate to excellent’ results in the appearance of their labia, and 60 per cent agreed that there was a ‘moderate to excellent’ impact on their sexual sensation, and consequently, their libido.

Well, there is a plus.

Vontouring | Stay At Home Mum

Are you up for vontouring?

Do You Have A Saggy Vagina Try Vontouring | Stay at Home

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