9 Sneaky Ways You Are Ruining Your Weight Loss Journey

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9 Sneaky Ways You Are Ruining Your Weight Loss Journey

You’re cutting your sugar intake and going to the gym thrice a week. But you’re STILL NOT losing weight. Gah!

I know how you feel — believe me! Nothing can be as incredibly frustrating as working your butt off and still not seeing any results.

1. You’re just relying on exercise to lose weight.

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It is a popular misconception that in order to lose weight, one must spend hours at the gym each day. Well, it’s just that — a misconception. Exercise is helpful in burning the calories that we take in. Exercising regularly also has incredible health benefits, improving our fitness, mental clarity, and overall wellness. But when we rely on exercise as our only weight loss method, I’m sorry but it doesn’t work like that.


What you can do:

Incorporate exercise into your lifestyle to improve your health, but for weight loss, watch what you are eatingOnly eat healthy foods, watch your sugar intake, and avoid junk food. Once you form good eating habits, squeeze in a 30-minute or an hour of work out to maximise the results. It doesn’t have to be heavy! Even daily yoga exercise will help a lot!

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2. You’re taking certain medications.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s possible that your medications might be causing you to not lose weight. Some of these medications include anti-depressants, antibiotics, birth control pills (!), steroids, and anti-histamines. Yet probably the most notorious of medicines that induce weight gain are beta blockers and angiotensin-receptor blockers. These medications prevent migraine and regulate blood pressure, but they’re also known to cause a weight gain of 5-7 pounds!

What you can do:

Ask your doctor. Be completely honest with your doctor about your concerns and ask for possible alternative options.


3. You’re always hanging out with your friends.

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I love my friends, and if I could, I would hang out with them everyday. But here’s the thing: I probably won’t. Even if I my schedule wasn’t already bursting at the seams, always being out with my friends is so bad for my weight. Here’s why: eating out causes weight gain. I’ve put it too simply, but it’s the truth. When you’re eating out and are distracted by laughing and swapping stories with your amigas, you’re less likely to notice your body cues. You’re less likely to realise that you’re already full and more likely to reach out for another cupcake while listening to your friend’s misadventures in Honolulu.

Sadly, even though you’re eating at a healthy restaurant, you can still overeat.

What you can do:

Practising self-control is easier said than done, so just avoid eating out as much as you can. You can host a dinner party instead at your house where you can control the food that you’re serving. If you really need to eat out, make sure you’re not starving when you arrive. You can also “accidentally” spill water on your food to make it inedible (just make sure the food is not for sharing!).


4. You’re eating a fat-free diet.

Repeat after me: fat is not the enemy. As long as it comes from a healthy source (aka NOT junk food), fat is actually a vital nutrient that our body needs to function properly. When you buy foods that are labelled fat-free, they are often bland or tasteless. Because of this, manufacturers amp up the other ingredients to achieve a good-tasting product. These ingredients include sugar, salt, flour, and additives, which are far worse when you’re aiming for weight loss.

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What you can do:

Do not choose fat-free foods. If you must, then check the label to make sure the products are not saturated with preservatives and sugar. Also, remember to get your fat from good sources.


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5. You’re eating too much healthy foods.

I’m sure you can name many of the most popular healthy foods today: nuts like almonds, quinoa, yoghurt, fruits… The good news is that they’re amazing for the body. Almonds, for example, are a great source of protein. However, just like your regular junk food, it is entirely possible to overeat healthy food.  Unless it’s lettuce or celery, you still need to watch the quantity of the healthy stuff that you’re eating because they can contain a high amount of calories.

What you can do:

Practise portion control. By eating in portions, you’re able to get the essential nutrients from your superfoods but, at the same time, avoid overeating. Always eat in moderation!


6. You’re not drinking enough water.

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As if your primary school teacher has not repeated it enough, I’ll say it once again. Drink enough water! Even if you’re eating a diet that can put an Instagram fitness model to shame, if you’re dehydrated, you’re still not going to win this weight loss game. Your thirst cues can feel very similar to hunger cues. Instead of reaching out for that gluten-free bar, try to drink a bottle of water first. Drinking water also boosts your metabolism, increases your energy, and cleanses your body. All good things, all good things.

What you can do:

Have a bottle of water with you all the time. A big ass one!

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When you feel like you’re hungry in the afternoon, drink water first and see if you’re still hungry. Having a bottle of water at hand also helps you not go for a sugar-laden drink!


7. You’re not getting enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things you can do to your body! Not having enough sleep muddles the mind and causes you to make less sound decisions. Also, when you lack sleep, you have low energy levels, which makes it very tempting to munch on crisps or a sugar-laden chocolate bar. For someone with a foggy mind, a low level of energy, and poor decision-making, weight gain shouldn’t be that surprising.


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What you can do:

Sleep early. I know this is a lot difficult than it sounds, but you should strive to have at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day. Stop procrastinating and try to empty your evenings for an earlier bedtime. Try all the tips and tricks so you get to fall asleep better and faster. For me, a weighted blanket made it possible!


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8. You’re ignoring your protein intake.

It’s becoming better now, but protein used to have a bad rap when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Protein became almost synonymous with fat (which we now understand better), so a lot of people avoided protein like the plague. However, protein is necessary to build muscle, and muscle-building is needed for calorie-burning. Without protein, we are forced to burn our own muscles for fuel. Plus, it’s been said that skimping on protein can actually cause sugar cravings to escalate!

What you can do:

Eat a healthy amount of protein. Plan your diet carefully to make sure your meals contain an adequate level of protein.


9. You never give in to your food cravings.

You haven’t eaten a single piece of chocolate in the last three months. You don’t know how real pasta tastes like anymore. And you haven’t drunk a single drop of liquid that is not pure water. You have mastered the art of self-discipline…or so you thought. On a particularly bad and stressful day, the craving for something sweet and carb-laden intensifies. You give in and can’t help but finish two cupcakes. And then you punish yourself for being bad.

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I’m not saying that self-discipline is not good. I’m also not saying that you should eat cupcakes everyday. But when you subject yourself to an unrealistic (and miserable) ideal, chances are you’re going to give up, sooner or later. Unless you have a resolve made of steel, it’s not a sustainable way to live and you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

What you can do:

Indulge occasionally but again, practice portion control. You are not “bad” for eating a burger, but you can make sure you don’t overeat. Just eat a small portion, enough to satisfy the craving. More often than not, you’re just missing the taste of a particular food; you don’t need to eat the entire thing. Remember: the second bite is just as good as the first one!

I’m guilty of a few of these mistakes, but I’m trying my best to work on them.

9 Sneaky Ways You Are Ruining Your Weight Loss Journey | Stay At Home MumWhat are your weight loss journey mistakes?

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