CSIRO Releases Science-Based Low Carb Diet

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CSIRO Releases Science-Based Low Carb Diet

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, a.k.a. CSIRO, has taken a step into the world of health and diets. They’ve released a book outlining their low carb diet, which they say has been tested and really works. 

The diet is a high protein, low carb diet intended to be used for weight loss and better overall health. In Australia around two-thirds of people are overweight or obese, putting them at a much higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. In fact, according to the new book from CSIRO, this particular kind of diabetes is rising in Australia at a terrifying rate.

However, there is some good news…..

The CSIRO’s low carb diet plan has been specifically tested to improve outcomes for patients with Type 2 diabetes. A study that looked in-depth into the diet showed massive medical improvements for patients who followed it, both in terms of weight loss and general health benefits.

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The Proof In The Pudding

Associate Processor Grant Brinkworth, one of the co-authors of the diet plan, spoke to Daily Mail Australia about their diet plan, which is very low in carbs but high in both unsaturated fats and protein.

“If you look through dietary guidelines, not only here but in America and Asia, traditionally a low-fat high carb, low GI message is what’s typically been used in public practice to manage being overweight, obesity and also type two diabetes,” he said.

Despite this science now understands, thanks to additional research, that a diet that follows a low carb approach, but focuses on higher amounts of healthy unsaturated fats and protein, might end up being much better for you.

In trials conducted to explore the benefits of this low carb eating habit one group of people were put on a traditional high carb and low-fat diet, while the other tried the CSIRO high-fat low carb program. All of the study’s participants were overweight or obese, and all had Type 2 diabetes.

Both groups did lose around the same amount of weight, but people in the low-carb group also enjoyed a number of additional benefits. These included for some having to take 40% less medication.

Why The CSIRO Plan Works

Associate Professor Brinkworth says that the CSIRO’s plan had been proven to be easier to follow. Unlike many restrictive and challenging diets, this program is much more flexible. It allows for a certain amount of carbs, as well as snacks and even sweet treats.

“We’re not saying no to carbs, just putting limit on them,” he explained. “We would recommend high fibre, low GI cereal and bread. The diet allows for 50 grams of carbs a day… about one-and-a-half slices of bread, up to six Ryvitas or 100 grams of sweet potato, or other hi carbohydrate vegetables.”

He also said the diet had been written with a focus on human nature, and our love for indulgence.

“We have also included a whole section on indulgence foods in the book. We want to ensure we’ve got a dietary pattern that’s still flexible, that people can adhere to.”

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The Cost

Many people rubbish low carb diets because they tend to be more expensive than low-fat ones, which is hard on those with a budget. Brinkworth admitted that the diet would cost more than a high carb diet, but not by much. The difference averaged out at around $3/day, and was mostly due to the extra protein in the low carb diet.

However, for people with diabetes, the cost really meant very little because it might result in individuals requiring less medication.

The Book

The diet plan is all contained in a new book released by the CSIRO. Called The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet the book covers all the science behind the diet, as well as everything you’ll need for weight loss, such as exercises and more. There are also detailed recipes for everyday meals, and weekly shopping lists for the entire 12-week program.

The book was published by Macmillan Australia and is available at all good bookstores with a recommended retail price of $34.99  Grab your copy here.


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