20 Easy Ways to Lose Weight (Without Actual Dieting)

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20 Easy Ways to Lose Weight (Without Actual Dieting)

Sometimes embarking on a weight loss journey can seem like you are climbing Mt Everest…

It just seems insurmountable. Something you want to achieve, but seems so damn hard!

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20 Easy Ways to Lose Weight (Without Actual Dieting) | Stay At Home Mum

1. Invest in a Stand-Up Desk for Work

If you are sitting at a desk for most of the day, a very easy way to burn more calories is to invest in a stand-up desk.

Get your aesthetic stand-up desk here!

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2. Have a Large Glass of Water Before Each Meal

If you’re attempting to lose weight, drinking a glass of water before each meal is a terrific idea. This will not only make you feel fuller, but it will also help you eat less throughout that meal.

Also, investing in tumblers will help you to do so and you can even make a daily reminder!

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3. Swap The Sugar in Your Tea or Coffee to Stevia

Stevia is frequently promoted as a safe and nutritious sugar alternative that may be used to sweeten dishes without the health consequences associated with refined sugar. It’s also linked to a slew of outstanding health advantages, including lower calorie consumption, blood sugar levels, and cavity risk.

Try Stevia now!

4. Add a Teaspoon of Soluble Fibre to Your Tea or Coffee

This is one that I have been doing for years! If you struggle to get enough fibre – but your love your cup of Joe every morning – why not combine both! If you get totally soluble fibre, you won’t even realise it’s there!

We highly recommend Benefibre.

Facts on Soluble Fibre - Unlock Food

5. Eat Slower

Slower eating allows you to chew your food more thoroughly and aids digestion. Because digestion begins in the mouth, the more effort you do up there, the less work you’ll have to perform in your stomach.

This can help you have fewer digestion issues and feel less stressed.

Also – an added benefit of eating more slowly is that you ingest less air – which means you fart less!

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6. Go to Bed Early

Sleeping sooner may help you prevent the late-night munching that commonly occurs when you stay up late. Keeping your bedtime later means you’ll be up for longer, giving you a greater window of opportunity to eat, especially if it’s been a long time since dinner.

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7. Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

Brushing your teeth after a meal is the most effective approach to maintain your teeth healthy and avoid tooth decay. But did you know brushing your teeth after every meal is also good for weight loss?

That’s because you are less likely to snack if you have just brushed your teeth!

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8. Eat a High Protein Breakfast

A high-protein breakfast has been found to improve muscle health and aid in weight reduction by enhancing muscle mass, energy expenditure (calories burnt), satiety hormones, glucose management, and lowering the desire to eat at night.

So indulge in bacon and eggs – because you are less likely to have a big lunch and you will burn off those calories during the day!

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9. Make Your Lunch in the Morning (Even if You Don’t Work)

Staying on track is easier when you have a few nutritious go-to meals. That’s why having a list of go-to lunch ideas on hand and preparing them in the morning is indispensable.

Pack up your meals using these!

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10. Get a Large Drink Bottle and Fill with Water

Because water fast reduces calories, you will drop a lot of weight rapidly!

Get your tumbler here!

4 Types Of Bottles You Must Have At Home - NDTV Food

11. Hungry? Have a Coffee Instead

Black coffee is the greatest choice for weight reduction since it has no added sugars or fats that might cause weight gain. Plus it is delicious!

Why not try coffee with stevia?

Caffeine Headache: How Coffee May Help or Hurt Migraines

12. Don’t Eat After 5pm

This type of fasting and diet is a well-known strategy for weight loss. Restricting your eating window allows your body to burn unnecessary fats and absorb nutrients well.

10 Businesses You Can do After 5pm

13. Have a Piece of Fruit for Morning or Afternoon Tea

Eating fruits and sipping up teas are undoubtedly great for our health thus, replacing unnecessary carbs to enter our body.

Grab some here!

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14. Use Smaller Plates for Your Main Meals

It’s one way to trick your mind to think that you eating enough while actually eating less!

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15. Add Chilli Powder To Your Meals

Chilli peppers contain capsaicin, which suppresses hunger and boosts metabolism, allowing you to burn off the calories you consume.

Grab up some chilli powder here!

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16. Have a Weight Loss Shake for Breakfast or Lunch

Smoothies with a lot of protein and few calories for breakfast and lunch can help you lose weight. Also, choosing robust breakfast smoothies will keep you from being hungry by mid-morning.

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17. Add More Veggies to Your Plate Every Meal

People who follow F-Factor correctly may eat as many veggies as they like and still lose or maintain their weight—as long as they are non-starchy vegetables that are fresh, plain, or steamed with no oil.

Vegan Nutritionist & Vegetarian Nutrition Course Online

18. Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals is bad for weight loss and health, whether we’re busy, asleep, or stuck in traffic. We are over-hungry and over-eat when we don’t eat, not because we lack “willpower,” but because our bodies are wired to live when we don’t eat. When we are too hungry, we eat as though there is a scarcity of food!

3 ways to eat healthy at the office | American Heart Association

19. Read Your Food Labels for Sugar Intake

The simple act of reading the labels of the food you eat can significantly alter your daily sugar intake. Being aware of just how much sugar is in our everyday food is a good detergent to switch to a lower sugar option, or to ditch it for something else altogether.

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20. Plan Your Meals for the Day

As we said earlier, having a meal plan helps you to stay on track and avoid unnecessary food consumption.

meal planning | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Ready To Start Your Weight Loss Journey? We Believe In You!

20 Easy Ways to Lose Weight (Without Actual Dieting) Pinnable

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