Getting Fit: What Fitness Regimen Is Right For You?

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Getting Fit: What Fitness Regimen Is Right For You?

Time to get off your ample arses ladies – your badonkadonk needs a work out.

If you’re anything like me and have grand ideas of swimming, walking and running, but can never seem to get around to it (too much effort). You’re not alone!

There’s a big group of wannabes who don’t know howtobes in the fitness world and I think it has everything to do with the type of exercise you’re choosing. If you’re not loving it, it will be very hard to get motivated to do it all again the following day.

We all know that exercise is super important to our overall health that’s a given. However finding the motivation to do it even though we know the benefit is still difficult for most of us. In order to stay motivated you going to have to really love it.

What Fitness Regimen is Right For You | Stay At Home Mum

The connection between motivation and exercise has long been studied and the sports professionals say we have to shift our focus from the end result (looking hot) and just learn to love it for what it is. Only then you will truly change how you exercise and might even begin to enjoy it.

Now I’m no expert, in fact far from it. I think exercise is running around after three children, lifting, putting things in and out of cars, cleaning and mopping all constitutes as a work out, so what I might say will hold no weight at all… But if you don’t like what you’re doing, there is no motivation to do it.

Swap it for something you do like doing. Skip the weights at the posh up-your-self-gym and go for a walk along the beach every morning (if you live near one of course). Choose and exercise you really like doing. Many people including me think of exercise as unappealing and definitely not fun. The best way to approach exercise is to take into account your interests and find a physical activity that matches it.

Or target what you really want to achieve from exercising and focus on it. By that I mean do you want to lose your mummy pouch? Tone your arse? Burn calories? Improve fitness?  See below for the right fitness for you.

1. Best for Weight Loss and More

If you’re after weight loss, stronger heart and lungs, increased bone density, better sleep and more energy cardio is for you. Cardio is a high energy exercise that will lose weight, burn fat and improve your health. Walking”¦ fast, uphills and downhills and aerobics, anything that has short bursts of intense exercise where you are almost out of breath, but you keep going. If can’t get one with nature, get on any cardio machine and go flat out.

2. Best for Burning Calories

Running, rollerblading, Tae Kwon Do, high impact aerobics, tennis and skipping.

More fitness workouts next page!

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