Book Review: Snack Power by Tiffiny Hall

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Book Review: Snack Power by Tiffiny Hall

Book Review: Snack Power by Tiffiny Hall

‘Don’t hate on snacks! This is your one-stop guide to smart snacking.’

Book Review: Snack Power by Tiffiny Hall | Stay at Home Mum

A book by Tiffiny Hall containing 225 delicious snacks to keep you healthy, happy & lean! Snacks can be a real killer if you are trying to lose weight or are just on a mission to get healthier. It’s easy to reach for those salt and sugar-heavy treats. After all, how much bloody hummus, celery and almonds can one gal eat!

Enter legendary Aussie Ninja, Tiffiny Hall and her brand new cookbook, Snack Power.

Kale, Candy Potato and Feta Cakes (child pleasant!) - Magplanet

A self-confessed food lover, rather than denying herself snacks, which she discovered made her miserable, she decided to ‘snack right’ and created what she calls her snack bible.

As with all Tiff Hall books, you get a whole lot more than what you bargained for when you flip through one of her books.

Yes, the snacks are fantastic, I have never seen a Tiffiny Hall recipe that wasn’t easy to create, fast to cook, and bursting with nutritional goodness, but this book also breaks down the kinds of snack you should be snacking on depending on what your goals are and what you happen to be doing that week or day. Tiffiny Hall is all about making food work for you, not the other way around!

Book Review: Snack Power by Tiffiny Hall | Stay at Home Mum

The chapters are broken up into;

  • Pre + Post Workout Snacks Protein-dense snacking
  • Juices, Tonics, Blends & Smoothies Hungry Snacking vs Zombie Snacking
  • Goal-Getter Snacks Snacks to fast track your success
  • Comfort Food & Good-Mood Snacks Identifying emotional eating & snacks that cater
  • SOS No-Cook & Portable Snacks Life-saving snacks for when time is short and you’re on the run
  • Kid-Friendly Snacks Says it all right!
  • Snacks For Special Diets Snacks for everyone and every dietary requirement
  • Snacks For Treats & Special Occasions Weddings, parties and holidays

This really is a cover-to-cover read; there are golden nuggets of info scatter ed throughout. Like the following from page 20;

‘My Three Laws of Snacking

  1. Don’t snack on empty calories. Processed junk foods only stimulate your appetite and make you eat more.
  2. Don’t skip snacks. Don’t let yourself get too hungry or you’ll find yourself lost in the pantry feasting on high-energy foods.
  3. Don’t abuse snacks. They’re not meals; they’re designed to keep you ticking over between the main events.

Tiff says the best way to healthy snacking is preparation. It’s important to set aside time to plan your snacks, learn how to read labels on the products you buy, don’t waste food and try your hand at batch cooking, make enough to last the week rather than a day or two.

Snack Power by Tiffiny Hall | Stay at Home Mum

Recipes I Want To Cook!

If I can find the time…

  • Pea Dip with Crackers and Veggie Sticks pg66
  • Ham, Cheese and Capsicum Muffins pg81
  • Chicken and Chia Meatballs pg85
  • Garlicky Parmesan Toasties pg94
  • Peanut Butter Popcorn pg105
  • Coconut Madeleines pg228
  • Rhubarb and Red Apple Crumble pg240
  • Raspberry Coconut Semifreddo pg243
  • Christmas Chocolate Bark pg252

Check out Tiffiny Hall’s online fitness program, TiffXo at

Recipes and images from Snack Power by Tiffiny Hall, published by Murdoch Books

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