The Healthy Mummy App Review

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The Healthy Mummy App Review

The Healthy Mummy App Review

If you are feeling lost when it comes to losing weight, are time poor and just don’t know where to start. When you are a busy mum, it can hard to work out what to eat, what to do for exercise and track everything! It’s already hard enough trying to remember to pay all the bills and make sure the kids get to the doctor and dentist! I’m guilty of being late to immunise my kids because I struggle to keep track of everything! Whoops!The Healthy Mummy App is a possible option to help guide you through your weight loss journey. We decided to have a look into the Healthy Mummy App, to see what it was all about and give it a review!

Who is Healthy Mummy? 

The Healthy Mummy is founded by Rhian. She had the vision to create programs and products that encourage mums to live their healthiest life. After growing the program, there are now over 1.5 million mums that have used or currently using the healthy mummy products which are pretty amazing! Chances are you have heard of Healthy Mummy or know a friend that does. Rhian wanted The Healthy Mummy to not be about achieving the “Insta Model Bod” but to be about realistic weight loss, that was budget and family-friendly.

The Healthy Mummy is best known for their Healthy Mummy Smoothies & 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. This has been expanded to a stack of other products, including supplements, books, snack bars, pregnancy products and kid-friendly products as well.

The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are meal replacement that is breastfeeding friendly, that has zero sugar or artificial ingredients. We were fortunate enough to do a review on their new Premium Smoothie Range, which you can read about here:

Enter the The Healthy Mummy App

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You can sign up for the Healthy Mummy App on a special offer which gives you the first 3 months to try for only $19.95 then it’s $19.95 monthly access or $69 for 6 months access.

The Healthy Mummy App has a stack of different features:

  • The famous 28 Day Challenge is run through this app.
  • Easily Customizable based on your goals, focus, weight and fitness level.
  • 4000+ Recipes & Meal Plans
  • With Over 400 Video Workouts that don’t require you to attend a gym, these videos are instructed with female trainers who understand the challenge of living a healthy lifestyle while being a mum!

Download the App Today!

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Once you’ve signed up: 

When you first sign up for the Healthy Mummy App, you are greeted with a message from Rhian, The Healthy Mummy Founder. She reminds you, that as well as the Healthy Mummy App, you get access to the Healthy Mummy Facebook group, where you can access the support of thousands of other mums around Australia. You are then asked to enter in your personal details, such as weight, height. All that basic stuff.

Once you’ve progressed past that, you get a chance to select any particular dietary requirements such as:

  • Vegetarian
  • Low Carb
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Egg Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Nut Free

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This is great, just because you have some dietary limitations, it doesn’t mean you are excluded from using the Healthy Mummy App or their programs.

There is also an option to select a meal plan for just yourself or your whole family. If you select the “Family” option, then you are asked to enter in how many serves. For example 2 adults 2 kids, 4 serves per meal and you can feed everyone!

The Healthy Mummy App Review Progress Family Signup | Stay at Home

Next….Progress Shots

The next portion of the signup can be intimidating, but don’t worry you don’t have to do it if you aren’t comfortable yet either! Those is progress photos! The App asks you to take a frontal view and side view progress photos. Progress photos are a great way to check in on how you are going because scales won’t always tell you the victory! Remember scales don’t factor in body composition changes like muscle gain, your hydration, level of digestion etc etc.

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Once you have completed all of that, you will arrive at the home page! The home page is simple, easy to use and you don’t feel overwhelmed with all the information in front of you. So, it can be a good start to your weight loss journey. You can even skip ahead, check out the meal plan for the following week.

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It will ask you to track your water intake, calorie intake and activity level per day. All you have to do is select the plus or minus to add in what you have done for the day. What’s unique, is you can also log non-scale victories! So maybe, you hit a personal best in your walk or run, clothing is fitting a bit nicer, or your skin is clearing up. You still get a chance to celebrate those wins, through the app.

Your meals for the day will pop up on your homepage. They are easy to read, use and tailor to your needs.

Download the App Today!

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The Fitness Programs:

There are plenty of video workouts available on the Healthy Mummy app. My initial program was a 28 Days Stronger Beginner, which was perfect to get started with. There are heaps of different programs that you can choose from, including babywearing, pilates, HIIT, pregnancy and more advanced workout options. You can also log any other activity that you do throughout the day that will count towards your activity for the day.

While it might bring back bitter memories from high school (dreaded beep test anyone?) there is a fitness test that you can take, to keep track of your fitness progress throughout your weight loss journey. The fitness test will ask you how many push-ups you can do in 60 seconds (Don’t freak out, you can do them on your knees!), how many squats, burpees and how long you can hold a plank for.

The Healthy Mummy App Review Progress Workouts | Stay at Home

Food & Recipes

The food section of the app is simple and easy to understand. You get to see clearly, how many calories you are allocated per day and access the recipes for the day. It’s also easy to swap recipes if you aren’t into a certain type of food, and you won’t risk ruining your diet either.

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There are heaps of different meal plans available, including:

  • Sugar Detox & Shred
  • Belly & Booty Blasting
  • Under 5 Ingredients (I love the idea of this one!)
  • Budget-Friendly

A shopping list is included each week, making it just that little bit easier to stay organized.


There are 12 Meditations clips are available through the mind portion of the app. They all have different lengths and topics, covering a wide range of everyday challenges.

Overall Healthy Mummy App Review:

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For $19.95 a month, honestly, if you followed this app included diet, exercise, and mindset. It’s real value for money, and you can definitely get a lot out of it. It’s jammed packed with a lot of information and support. I was really impressed, and I think I’m going to start myself on the Healthy Mummy Journey, it’s won me over!


There was so much involved with the food portion, it only took me a few minutes to understand how it all worked. It was really clear and easy to use. It was really easy to adjust the recipes to what works for me, my tastes (I really hate seafood and some types of meat – I might be just a little bit fussy). In this portion of the app, I can definitely see myself using long-term.


When I went to start my workout program, I will admit – I was a bit confused. My workout for the day was Active Recovery & Cardio. When I opened it up, it asked me to record a workout but I had no idea what I was meant to do, maybe it was just me having a moment. So I went back 2 days and completed the Lower Body & Shoulders Beginner one instead. This video was great! It lasted 29 minutes, was a great beginner introduction, with minimal equipment and easy to follow!


This portion of the app seems like it’s still developing! I can’t wait to see how this changes over the next 12 months. The mindset approach to healthy living is so important, and it can make a big difference. So I really loved this portion of the app! Just taking 10 to 15 minutes out of my day, to meditate, and just tune into my body did wonders for my anxiety.

Download the App Today!

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The Healthy Mummy App Review | Stay at Home Mum
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