7 Ways Cooking Meals From Scratch Will Save You MoneyTips to make tasty and nutritious food for the same price of a ready-made meal!

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5. Blanche then Freeze Vegetables

Wallet Heavy and Body Light Foods
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If fruits and/or vegetables are ridiculously cheap, I sometimes buy a large amount then blanche and freeze them. They can be used later as you would shop-bought frozen vegetables. That being said, nutritionally frozen vegetables are not at all nutritionally defunct. And one thing I’ve learnt to be observant about is the “price per kilogram” indicator featured on grocery-store labelling these days. If broccoli is $6.98 a kilogram fresh, yet only $4.02 a kilogram frozen, by all means choose the frozen version

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6. Buying Water in Bulk

Water is integral to weight-loss, but buying bottled water is unnecessarily expensive. If you do buy bottles, look out for when the bulk packs are on special (recently I purchased 24 packs of bottled water for $6.99, however, in South Australia, you get 10c back for every bottle you take to a recycling depot, therefore I got $2.40 cash-back on the bottles and my water essentially only cost $4.59). Being even more frugal (if your tap water is not pleasant for drinking, like in the area of Australia I live in), you can buy the cheap boxes of water and refill bottles as you go along. I have three dedicated water bottles so there’s always one in the fridge cold, one being drunk, and one just been refilled and put back in the fridge.

7. Meal Planning

Set aside an hour’s planning time once a week to look up and plan what you’re going to cook, write it down, and stick to it. Sometimes, now when I’m doing my exercise routine (as covered in the previous blog post), I “race the meal”. I prepare and put a meal in the oven and work out my hardest until the meal has finished cooking.

“Keep Your Wallet Heavy and Your Weight Light”

Eating something fresh and made with “real ingredients” is mentally helpful to keep you on track and motivated! Fresh foods provide you with excellent serotonin boosts! Proteins such as low-fat turkey, seafoods, low-fat or non-fat milks, and foods rich in boron (such as broccoli, nuts, and legumes) are great for energy and happiness – proteins are essential for amino acid building, which in turn produce dopamine, norepinephine and epinephrine – which increase alertness and promote contentment. Boron-rich foods on the otherhand are known for increasing brain activity and improve concentration and determination. Foods rich in folic acid and/or selenium are impressive mood-boosters and have even been known to combat a depressive mood. Fresh foods make you feel better, and if you feel happier, you’ll be more inclined to keep your new habits rather than slink into old ones.

This is all pretty much common sense, but consider this perhaps a reminder of how to keep your wallet heavy, and your weight light… The way I keep on track at late is by putting some money aside (the amount it would cost to buy just three ready meals a fortnight – $15.00) and use that money as an incentive. I’ve promised myself a gorgeous outfit once I reach my goal weight. Because as busy mums, we often forget to treat ourselves… and the way I see it, if I keep up the excellent work and reach my goal weight, that’s definitely something worth treating myself for!

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I hope you’re all keeping up the great work too!

xx Emma

Until next time, eat happy and healthy!

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