Sleeping Naked Is Good For You

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Sleeping Naked Is Good For You

Sleeping with nothing on has been proven to be beneficial in a lot of ways.

Doctors and medical practitioners who specialize in sleep have done the groundwork and found out that nude sleeping has a long list of positive effects on the mind and body.

People who have been sleeping naked for years vouch for fewer visits to their doctors, less anxiety, and stronger bonds with their partners.

If all you need to do is stash your clothes away to reap the benefits of sleeping naked, why not?

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Sleeping naked is a surprisingly simple way to reap great rewards. From improved skincare and sleep quality to better sex lives and even easier weight loss, there’s no denying that sleeping in the buff can provide some pretty powerful benefits.

Some research even suggests that sleeping with fewer clothes on may help decrease stress levels and improve your overall well-being. So why not give it a go? Take off your PJs and experience the added comfort and confidence of snuggling up between the sheets in the all-natural you!

 It is Healthy For the Vagina

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Yeast loves moist and warm temperatures, so allowing the vagina to “breathe” while you sleep will prevent yeast infection.

Gynecologists have suggested that the itching, burning, and discomfort that women feel down there are symptoms of a suffocated vagina. Underwear, plus tight pants or leggings on top of it, is the culprit.

There are also no known correlations between going commando and any kind of infection, according to gynecologist Dr. Gillian Dean. She strongly suggests sleeping without underwear if you don’t have the heart to go without it during the day.

 Another reason for you to go commando!

Quality Sleep is Achieved

The body temperature drops at night to get it ready for sleep.

The body has to have a low temperature to achieve quality sleep. Dr. Chris Idzikowski, the author of “Sound Asleep, The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well”, says that sleeping naked makes it easier for the body to cool down and maintain a good temperature.

Sleeping Naked Is Good For You I Stay at Home Mum

The core temperature is highest at 11 p.m. and is lowest at 4 a.m. To experience an uninterrupted, sound sleep, there should be nothing that would interrupt the body’s cooling down process. So if you don’t want your brain waking you up in the middle of the night to check what’s going on with your body temperature, jump into bed naked.

Chronic Pain Can Be Reduced

Sleeping Naked Is Good For You I Stay at Home Mum

Sleeping naked is good for you because increases the chance for a better circulation

..which means pains and discomfort that women suffer from may be significantly reduced.

Good Mornings, indeed!

Sleeping Naked Is Good For You I Stay at Home Mum

A good night’s sleep (thanks to nude sleeping) is scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on the general health of a person.

Waking up from a restful sleep equips the body with enough energy to fuel it for a long day.

If you’re not dragging yourself around like a zombie, you are likely to tick off more tasks from your to-do list for the day. Feeling accomplished leads to feeling happy.

Sperms Are Healthier

Sleeping Naked Is Good For You I Stay at Home Mum
Sleeping Naked Is Good For You

Men know that keeping their private parts healthy means wearing the right kind of underwear. But doctors from the Seattle Sperm Bank say that men will produce healthy sperm if they keep their testicles cool while they sleep.

Wearing loose boxers, doctors say, is okay, but going commando is the best way.

More sex, Better relationships

Sleeping Naked Is Good For You I Stay at Home Mum

Studies have proved, that couples who sleep naked develop stronger, better relationships because inhibitions are completely eliminated.

Skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin, the hormones that you need to reduce stress, feel happy and have lower blood pressure.

Also, nothing encourages sex better than touching, cuddling, and being together in bed in your birthday suits.

Sleeping naked may take a lot of getting used to especially if you’ve been sleeping all your life wrapped in those snug pyjamas. Allow a transition period for yourself and do a “prolonged” strip tease. If going naked is a bit too much for now, try sleeping in your underwear until you’re ready to finally toss it away.

It Helps You Lose weight

If it is too easy to do, it shouldn’t work, right? But I wouldn’t argue with sleep specialists who would say that one can lose weight without having to do the crunches.

Sleeping in your birthday suit increases metabolism and pushes your body to do some work to keep it comfortably warm.

In a groundbreaking study conducted by the US National Institute of Health, it was found that male subjects who slept naked in a cool room lost weight.

When they slept in rooms with higher temperature, their bodies had an opposite reaction.

There has been a lot of talk lately about “brown fat”, which produces heat in the body by burning fat. Sleeping in the nude activates brown fat, and since it has been found to produce 300 times more heat than the other organs in the body, you are actually doing your body a favour.

It Will Take Ages Off Your Face

Sleeping Naked Is Good For You I Stay at Home Mum

Sleeping in a warm temperature will force your body to cool down, and doing this will disrupt the release of anti-ageing hormones.

Low temperature allows hormones to work better, which means never having to wake up to dry skin and hair ever again.

Now putting aside all that science proved, with that cutie in your bed.Why would you even want to keep those pyjamas on?

What do you think?

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