Why Are My Farts So Bad?Feeling Flatulent? Feeling Farty?

Fact:  Farts are Funny, except in a crowded room.

They are, there is just no denying the fact!  We here at Stay at Home Mum got chatting about flatulence the other day, and why sometimes, we smell worse than other times.

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I say this as my 8-year-old son comes into the office, does a ‘silent but violent’, laughs his arse off, and leaves. OMFG! The smell was so bad! And I said those dreaded words that my mother used to utter when our farts really stunk.. Maybe he needs worming!

Another FACT:  Unfortunately for us girls, we actually DO smell worse than our male counterparts..  

Because our bodies naturally contain more sulphur – so if you ‘burp out the wrong end’ and get blamed for it – it is only nature!

So what actually makes us stink worse than usual?

There are a variety of reasons which I’ll list below. ¬†Medication (especially anti-depressants!), being constipated, eating foods that have a ‘higher than usual’ amount of sulfur in them. ¬†The reasons vary.

Medication Farts:

Medication is a big one.  And if you are on Anti-Depressants, prepare to clear a room real fast! Medication reacts with our digestive tract, making all those good bacteria Рwell, happy! Of course, there are also medications that can actually reduce the amount of flatulence once should have including heartburn or reflux medication.  Of course, farting is totally natural Рjust go outside or blame the dog.

Gassy Food Farts:

Reasons for particularly stinky gas include:

  • Cabbage, broccoli, onions, Brussels sprouts, peas, leeks and garlic
  • Dried Fruits (apricots are LETHAL)
  • Curries or hot spices
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Diet or Weight Loss Shakes
  • Lentils and chickpeas
  • Bread or anything containing yeast
  • Processed Meats

Why are my Farts so Bad? | Stay At Home Mum

Fun Fart Fact:  Women fart about 7 times per day, men about 12. So we more than make up for it in stink!

Period Farts:

The talk of the elusive Period Fart is enough to make my husband take to the bathroom and vomit his guts out. But it is a thing.. Ask any menstruating woman! It’s bad enough that we are leaking from our vagina, have a bad attitude, want to kill someone and now we also have to deal with Period Farts.

The cause of this rather rancid gas is our sex hormones (i.e. oestrogen)! Our oestrogen levels peak around ovulation time and wreak havoc with our intestines a few days before our period farts (oops! I mean, starts).

Even if you don’t actually have a period (i.e. you are on something like Depo Provera), you still ‘cycle’.. So the farts won’t be as bad, but they will still be there. However, they will only last a few days in so grab some charcoal lined undies or just go outside to do your anal applause!

Night Shift or Too Many Late Night Farts:

If you are working later hours than usual or have had a few huge nights out, it upsets your body clock.

By upsetting your body clock you are also upsetting your digestive tract, and yes people, you fart like a racehorse.

Night Shift farts have been documented in this very office and they are rancid.  Sip some peppermint tea and try and get some shut-eye and the excessive farts should stop.

Why are my Farts so Bad? | Stay At Home Mum
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Exercise Farts:

Yes ladies, exercise farts.

Exercise gets the blood pumping and gets literally ‘everything’ moving in the body. It’s good for you. And if you think you are the only one letting one rip in Aerobics, it is perfectly normal. ¬†Ask any Yoga teacher! It is usually when we relax after exercise that tend to really let it rip.

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And yes, I’ve done it in Yoga, when the room is quiet, and dark. Best thing to do – start to giggle. Everyone will join you!

So what can you actually do about it

Well farting is totes natural and never life threatening.  If you are really worried Рsee your Doctor.  But if you want to do something about it Рtry some of the following:

  • Peppermint Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Natural Yoghurt
  • Charcoal Tablets (available where you buy your vitamins)
  • Ginger Tea is great for stomach upsets that can cause bad farts
Why are my Farts so Bad? | Stay At Home Mum
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Other Incredible Facts About Farts!

  • Farts have been clocked at speeds of up to three metres per second!
  • Flatulence is actually flammable! ¬†You can light a fart (but you’ll burn your corn hole – so don’t do it!)
  • Farts can actually be ‘measured’. ¬†Someone has invented a device called the ‘Rectal Catheter’ which gets shoved up your chocolate starfish to determine the volume of gas produced!
  • There is an underwear manufacturer called Shreddies that produced charcoal lined pads to ‘lesson the offensive gas’.
  • There is a pill you can take that makes your farts smell like chocolate or roses. ¬†He sells them online – look see:¬†

You learned something new today huh!

Why are my Farts so Bad

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