Why Some Men Hate Women for Being EqualWhere's the respect? It needs to go both ways.

Today is International Women’s Day.

A day where women celebrate just how far we have come in relation to equal right, equal pay and the right to say NO and have that decision respected by our community.

I love and respect men and I would hope that most men feel the same about women. However, there is a small minority of men now that are outright ‘Women Haters’.  Who have started their own websites demanding that women ‘Go back to the kitchen’ which they believe is a woman’s rightful place in the world.

They are the new breed of women haters. And most of them are young men (below 30).  They have a severe sense of entitlement when it comes to how they are treated by women in our modern society.  To them, all women are just gold-diggers and whores.

Why Some Men Hate Women for Being Equal | Stay At Home Mum

The website MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is a prime example. Google it! Quotes such as this appear on their website:

Women are childish, immature, cruel and narcissists.  I’m sure most men have experienced the cruelty and immaturity of women, so I won’t go into my own personal experiences, but they have been horrendous none-the-less. They actually have nothing to offer.  Men have superior intellect, men work harder, men are stronger, men are more moral and kind.  Men are more romantic, men think using reason and logic, men are the ones who keep things running.  Women only have wet holes to offer and that isn’t even that grand. So they get worshipped by betas and this over inflates their egos.”

It seems these hate groups are really starting to get traction in the media and digital space. And it is these kinds of attitudes that are feeding into our community in a severely negative way. These are the men who are killing women. Who beat women. Who control women. And you only have to look at media reports for the last few years to know that this problem is escalating.


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Let’s look at the typical type of men who hate women:

Men Who Hate Women Because They Get Rejected Sexually

Oh fuck off.  Women have every right in the world to reject a man they don’t like or want.  And men have exactly the same right when it comes to women.  Man up (or woman up!) and move on.  It is not a woman’s right to have sex with you because you want it and you are so lonely.  Don’t be a fucking jerk.

Work on the reasons you are being rejected, and look elsewhere like the rest of us have to do.  And at the end of the day – why would you even WANT to be with someone that doesn’t want to be with you.

I find this reason so infuriating, immature and downright disgusting.

Just because you are a man, that does not entitle you to sex. Ever.

Prime Example:

Elliot Roger was a 22-year-old boy from Santa Barbara California who killed six people and injured 14 others before taking his own life. Before the killings, Roger uploaded a Youtube video explaining why he was about to do the unthinkable.

His video (which we won’t post here) stated that he was killing because of his frustration at not being able to find a girlfriend, his pure hatred of women.  That these killings were retribution to punish women for rejecting him.

One word: Loser.



When Relationships Fall Apart Some Fathers Are Left Behind – And They are Angry!

Yes it happens, and it is tragic. When it comes to looking after children when a relationship fails, I truly believe it takes both parents to raise those children – equally.  I don’t think that the courts in Australia are fair when it comes to fathers who want a hands-on relationship with their children.  After all, having their kids every second weekend is certainly not equal.  In fact, this is the scary reason that so many men that have been separated from their families end up committing suicide.

Any woman who keeps a good father away from her children is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

If families can put their children first rather than using their children as pawns and trying to hurt his or her ex-partner, the world would be a better place.

Although I can understand the anger some of these men must feel, it is the very small proportion of these men who exact revenge on their spouse that are truly the most evil.  They hurt women where women will hurt the most – our children.

Prime Example:

Robert Farquharson killed his three sons when he drove them into a dam on Father’s Day in 2005.  He was punishing his ex-wife for moving on with another man. He had previously told a friend that he had intended to kill his children in order to get back at his wife.

What Can Women Do About It?

Educate your sons to grow up and love and respect women, to be equals. To look after and out for women in their community. To be respectful.  To never call someone ‘bitch’ ‘slut’ or ‘whore’. To believe that women can do anything they wish – because they are people, not possessions.

Stay At Home Mum

Educate your daughters to be strong enough to say ‘No’ and stand up to boys who treat her badly or see others treating her friends badly.


That is all.

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