The Amazing Andy Griffiths and The 130-Storey Treehouse 

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The Amazing Andy Griffiths and The 130-Storey Treehouse 

The Amazing Andy Griffiths and The 130-Storey Treehouse

I have very distinct memories of lining up at a bookstore waiting to get my hands on the latest Paul Jennings book and then dying to get home from school every day so that I could read it.

Over the weekend I got to see what that joy looks like for kids today as the latest instalment of the Treehouse series was released. Our lovely leader here at Stay at Home Mum, Jody Allen had the pleasure of speaking to the best-selling author of that very series, the one and only Andy Griffiths.

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Andy, together with his partner in crime, illustrator Terry Denton have written over 30 books, starting with Just Tricking which was published way back in 1997.

All of the duo’s books are edited by Andy’s wife, Jill Griffiths who he credits for improving the books up to forty per cent. Andy and Jill met over twenty years ago in the early days of his career and Jill has admitted in the past that upon first sight she thought that Andy looked like some kind of addict, but the pair later fell in love after the release of his first book.



A Night With Andy and Jill Griffiths | Writers Victoria

Andy was thirty-five years old when his first book was published and he and Terry have been keeping kids entertained ever since, with their books that include, the Just series, the Bum trilogy, the Schooling Around series, of course, the Treehouse series and many more. Five of the Treehouse books have even been adapted into stage shows that have toured Australia and the US and Andy has said that he would be open to a film or TV adaptation in the future”¦ here’s hoping!

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“I was on holiday with friends over the weekend and my son’s friend Marty, 6, spent the entire weekend by the pool re-reading all of the Treehouse books in anticipation for the new one.”

The Treehouse Series

The release of the 130-Storey Treehouse marks the tenth in the series. The series has seen worldwide success, being published in thirty-five countries, securing spots on the New York Times Best Seller list and winning the writing team countless awards, including the Australian Book Industry Award for Book of the Year.

Andy told SAHM that after all this time he never gets sick of writing the series as he still has so many ideas. He said that together, he and Terry Denton think of some really weird, far flung ideas and then make them fit into the book.

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As a father, once a school teacher, and a kid at heart himself, Andy really knows kids, understands what makes them tick and certainly does not exaggerate when he says that his ideas are far-flung. The treehouse books contain things that kids could only imagine in their wildest dreams, there’s everything from toasting marshmallows in an active volcano, to making money with a money-making machine, to depositing burps in the burp bank, to watching aliens in an extra-terrestrial observation centre and even visiting a room where it is always your birthday.

Each book is a carefully curated labour of love, as Andy told SAHM, it takes one whole year for the team to finish writing, illustrating and editing a book.

Andy who started out writing small books that he would photocopy and sell at the markets for anywhere from twenty cents to one dollar, is now one of Australia’s most successful children’s book authors of all time with over ten million copies sold and eighty Children’s Choice Awards under his belt.

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s latest book, the 130-Storey Treehouse was released last week and is already receiving rave reviews. Kids are going crazy for the totally bonkers new levels that include a soap bubble blaster, a time-wasting level, a super long legs level and a toilet paper factory.

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If your child loves getting lost in fantastical, weird and wacky tales, you cannot go past the treehouse series and I guarantee you will have a blast reading it to them too.

The Amazing Andy Griffiths and The 130-Storey Treehouse  | Stay At Home Mum

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