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ABC Reading Eggs: Fun and Educational Way to Get Your Kids Learning! - Stay at Home Mum

ABC Reading Eggs: Fun and Educational Way to Get Your Kids Learning!

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ABC Reading Eggs: Fun and Educational Way to Get Your Kids Learning!

ABC Reading Eggs is a great way to keep kids aged 2 – 13 confident in the classroom, prepares them for learning and is absolute fun – your kids will have a ball!

With ABC Reading Eggs, your child will learn the fundamentals of reading, including phonics, sight words, comprehension, and basic and advanced arithmetic.

Both of my boys went through the ABC Reading Eggs Program in Primary School and it really helped them keep up with school. You see, we know all kids LOVE gaming and iPads (what kids don’t!), and Reading Eggs ‘Gamify’s’ education. It’s the perfect way to meld screen time with learning.

With ABC’s Reading Eggs, your kids will be able to practice these skills at their own pace, making Reading Eggs a great tool for kids of all abilities. So if you’re looking for a way to give your child a head start on their education, be sure to check out ABC Reading Eggs!

Getting Kids Ready For School With Reading Eggs I Stay at Home Mum

Reasons to Consider Signing up for ABC Reading Eggs:

It Gives Kids Confidence in the Classroom

After school holidays, some kids can regress their knowledge and then become overwhelmed with learning. ABC Reading Eggs gives kids that extra leg-up, helping them to catch up again.

Because Literacy is the key to understanding all school subjects

Good literacy means that kids have a firm grounding for all of their school subjects!

Educational Screen Time

All kids love the screen, but when using ABC Reading Eggs, they are having positive educational screen time.

You Can Try ABC Reading Eggs for 30 Days FREE

ABC Reading Eggs offers everyone a FREE 30-day trial – so sign up and give it a go!!! Plus with every sign-up for the free trial, get a Rewards Book valued at $7.95 which is packed with over 200 stickers to reward your little ones!

reading eggs | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

What is the ABC Reading Eggs Program?

Okay, we have told you how much we love it and about the Free trial – but what actually is ABC Reading Eggs?

Well ABC Reading Eggs was created by experienced Australian teachers to help your child to learn to read and prepare for school. It is based on scientific research and teaches phonics, sight words and other essential literacy skills.

ABC Reading Eggs has guided lessons that are easy to follow and match your child’s ability. It uses songs, animations and rewards to make learning super fun!

Apart from the lessons – there are also:

  • Over 3000 children’s books in the online library
  • Progress reports so you can see your child’s progress
  • Printable certificates to help your child celebrate achievements

Reviews and Results of Kids on ABC Reading Eggs

91% of parents report a noticeable improvement in their kid’s results after just a few short weeks!

Here are some of the real reviews on the ABC Reading Eggs Program:

“It’s a lot of fun for all of my kids. They are 5, 6 and 8 years old. They want to learn as long as they can. 100% recommended. Also easy to use.”

Justa A. (Reading Eggs Website)

“I cannot even put into words the transformation I have witnessed since I started using ABC Reading Eggs. Sometimes I get teary-eyed! I had despaired of my son catching up or even reading because he was so far behind as he had a learning disability, and then we found ABC Reading Eggs. In one month, he went from not recognising initial sounds to learning them all, being able to recognise sight words and putting simple sentences together. I was blown away!

Two months in and he was reading sentences. Best of all he is so excited to learn! He gladly shuns entertainment videos and he asks mostly for Reading Eggs. So he is learning in a fun and interactive way. I cannot thank the creators enough. This Mama is overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Anne A (Reading Eggs website)

Why I Love The Reading Eggs Program So Much

I have recommended Reading Eggs to everyone with kids. It was recommended to me, and my boys just thrived on the program. But what I really love about it the most, is the revision skills the program teaches. The ABC Reading Eggs program advances as your child learns, and to reinforce that they really know a skill, Reading Eggs will go back to previous challenges every so often to ensure they ‘didn’t just jinx it’.

So it’s like a bit of homework with every lesson, ensuring that knowledge is locked up tight in their little brains!

Getting Kids Ready For School With Reading Eggs I Stay at Home Mum

If you’re looking for a comprehensive reading and maths program to help your child prepare for school, look no further than ABC Reading Eggs. This award-winning online learning program is designed by experienced Australian teachers to help kids aged 2-13 learn reading and maths, with hundreds of self-paced lessons designed to match your child’s ability, so they can feel confident heading into school.

ABC Reading Eggs is packed with fun bonus materials like printable worksheets and activities that let your child practice their skills offline, and it’s essential for building phonics, spelling, counting skills, vocabulary, problem-solving skills, and more. With ABC Reading Eggs, you can feel confident that your child is on track for a successful school year.

Advantages of ABC Reading Eggs for children

Reading Eggs is a comprehensive reading and math program that makes learning to read fun and engaging for kids. Are you considering enrolling your child on Reading Eggs? There are many advantages to consider! Here are some of the top benefits mummies told us so:

Flexibility. ABC Reading Eggs offer a lot of flexibility, which is great for kids who need more or less structure. They can work at their own pace and around their own schedule.

Variety. Kids have access to a variety of courses and topics on reading and math that they wouldn’t normally get in public or private schools. This can help them explore new interests and passions.

Independence. With ABC Reading Eggs, kids learn how to be more independent and responsible for their own learning. They’re able to take charge of their education and juggle different tasks on their own timetable.

Convenience. The program can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, so there’s no need to worry about finding a good school district or travelling long distances every day.

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