21 Celebs Who Broke The Stereotype

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21 Celebs Who Broke The Stereotype

When we think about celebrities, we tend to think first about the ‘beautiful people’.

The blessed in the world of fame and fortune who have looks as well as opportunities.

But as it turns out, being a celebrity doesn’t necessarily hinge on being gorgeous. These 21 celebs have made a name for themselves despite not being what we would say ‘conventionally beautiful’, and they seem to be doing just fine.

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Interestingly, when compiling this list we noted that there seem to be far fewer conventionally less beautiful female celebrities than there are male ones. Take away what you will from that, but we think it’s a good indicator of the double standard that women face on the road to fame!

1. DJ Qualls

DJ Qualls certainly has an unusual look about him, primarily because of his rake-thin stature and his prominent features. Qualls is actually a cancer survivor, having overcome Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 14, which certainly explains his dedicated drive. Amazingly, he actually started his careers as a model before getting into film, so there you go.  Best of all, he was in Supernatural!  Nuff said!

21 Celebs Who Broke The Stereotype | Stay At Home Mum
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2. Will Ferrell

There’s nothing about Will Ferrell that screams ‘leading man’ but everything he might be lacking in the looks department, he makes up for in laughs. Ferrell has made a big name for himself sticking to his comedy niche, and there are no signs that his career will be slowing down anytime soon.  I still cack when I think of him in that Elf uniform sitting at a tiny school desk….

21 Celebs Who Broke The Stereotype | Stay At Home Mum
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3. Sarah Jessica Parker

An American actress, producer and designer most known for her role on Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker knows how to work it, but she’s not exactly a traditional beauty. Often criticised for the shape of her face and her prominent features, she hasn’t let any of that stop her talent on the road to fame.

21 Celebs Who Broke The Stereotype | Stay At Home Mum
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4. Steve Buscemi

Steven Buscemi certainly has a… unique look about him, but despite not being tall, fit or handsome, he’s had no problems creating a wonderful career. This talented actor has been a Hollywood regular for more than three decades, mostly playing the odd and colourful characters. He often plays supporting roles, but he’s seen his spot as a leading man as well.  I think he is bloody brilliant!

21 Celebs Who Broke The Stereotype | Stay At Home Mum
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5. John C. Reilly

John C. Reilly is, from the outside, not really leading man material, but his successful and varied acting career has shown that he’s ready to break the mould. Appearing in more than 50 films, beginning in 1989, Reilly is known now for his comedy roles, which have made him a sought-after performer for sure.

21 Celebs Who Broke The Stereotype | Stay At Home Mum
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6. Adrian Brody

Even though Adrian Brody now has a very loyal following, his prominent nose set him aside from other actors for many years. He was criticised at the start of his career for not appearing like a leading man, but he’s made a name for himself as an eclectic actor and has even won an Oscar for Best Actor. Now that’s a talented man!

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7. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was certainly born into money, but there’s more to life than that. In terms of genes, this socialite has never been considered wildly attractive, but she’s still managed to secure herself a window of fame that lasted several years. That popularity might have dipped now, but she’s still a household name!

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