10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids That Aren’t ToysIf kids have too many toys, don't add to it this Christmas, try some of these instead

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You probably already feel like you are drowning in toys in your house.

And probably already know perfectly well that adding to it on Christmas Day might feel like the thing that will sink you for good and lose control of the mess.

Of course, decluttering helps and throwing away broken toys. Giving away toys that have been outgrown to charity is great too. But still, at the end of the day, there are only so many toys your kids really need and have time to play with. Sometimes, it feels like Christmas can be just a ritual in bringing more pointless, unnecessary stuff into your house (bah  humbug!)

Toys don’t have to be the only gifts you give your kids. Here are some great Christmas gift ideas for kids that will help you cut down on Christmas-related clutter. You can give these suggestions to family and friends who want to buy something for your kids, too.

1. Season passes

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids That Aren't Toys | Stay At Home Mum
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Use your imagination. There are all sorts of things kids love going again and again. Places like zoos, museums, aquariums, amusement parks and other attractions offer season passes. Cinemas offer multiple vouchers for movies for repeat trips. They’re a great thing to know you have up your sleeve during school holidays as well!

2. Tickets for activities and performances

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids That Aren't Toys | Stay At Home Mum
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Lots of family activities can be expensive and you don’t get to do them all the time. Whether it’s movies, laser tag, bowling, indoor rock climbing, going to concerts and plays, the circus, these are often a special treat for many families and a great gift idea.

3. Subscription boxes

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids That Aren't Toys | Stay At Home Mum
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Subscription boxes for grown ups are all the rage. There are also some available too especially for kids! The gift keeps on giving long after Christmas as kids get the excitement of a parcel for them in the mail throughout the year. In Australia, there are options like Our Little Foxes, Honey and Co, Little Passports and Nerd Bloc Jr – boxes containing things like toys, books, art and craft projects and other activities for kids.

4. Magazine subscriptions

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids That Aren't Toys | Stay At Home Mum

There are heaps of magazines out there aimed at kids. Like subscription boxes, these come in the mail throughout the year and will give them something to do when they say they’re bored!

5. Classes and lessons

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids That Aren't Toys | Stay At Home Mum
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A great option for older kids – you can sign them up for all sorts of classes that they can either do in the summer holidays or throughout the year. Think things like art and craft classes, cooking, drama, karate, dance, skating, horseback riding lessons to name just a few.

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