10 Things You Promise You’ll Finish Over The Holidays – And Don’t

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10 Things You Promise You’ll Finish Over The Holidays – And Don’t

It’s that time of year again. Summer is here; it seems the time when we all want get a jump start on our to-do lists.

Christmas is rolling in really quick, you’ve got the rellies coming, your house is”¦ well its ‘ok’ I guess. Nothing a quick ten-minute frenzy of shoving things in cupboards or ‘that spare room’ won’t fix, if you get that “Oh hey! I’m just in the area Are you home for a coffee and catch up?” type of visitor.

Maybe it’s just me maybe it’s a holiday thing. In my head, I am about to transform from the everyday avoiding, can’t see the dust, peeling paint, or weeds person to the cleaning, crafty, landscaping handyperson extraordinaire that is envied by all. I am a determined organisational beast baby! Be amazed.

Let’s just go through a list of the 10 common ‘Yeah I promise I’ll get these finished to-do’s over holidays,’

10 Things You Promise You'll Finish Over The Holidays - And Don't | Stay At Home Mum

1. Washing the Walls

This is something I put off alllll the time. I see the dust building up making the walls look like a special effect 3d feature. Kind of like ‘grow your own vertical dust forest’. In my head it’s too big of a job just to do off the cuff when I have a few minutes to spare. With time off now there is no excuse. With sponge and bucket I prepare for battle. First room is always the head shaker. Really that didn’t take too long why did I put it off? I’ll just have a quick coffee before starting the next room. This won’t take long at all I’ve got heaps of time to spare.

While having that coffee I sit and stare at the garden, taking in the Gondwana rainforest like growth that is my garden’s weed population. I really should do something about that. Bring on the next to do item over the holidays.

2. Weeding the garden

Now THIS is rewarding. You can see where you’ve finished its looking all neat and organised. Turns out I have a lot more actual plants than I thought I did before I started, and they’re alive and unbelievably quite healthy. The sun is shining, its hot, damn hot. That’s one garden down. Four more to go. I think I’ll just have a sneaky glass of wine before I start the next lot. I am on holidays right? Time to sit back and visualise the wonder of a fully manicured garden that will be right after I finish this glass.

3. Cleaning the grout in the bathrooms

So your weekly bathroom cleans just don’t cut it on the grout. It was a glorious vibrant white in your distant memories but now it resembles something more like the road running by your front door. A not so vibrant greyish brown feature that needs to be cleaned and fast.

You’ve got your grout cleaner prepped and you make a start. It’s not a quick job but with some elbow grease you are starting to make progress.  Great, now the kids are arguing again! With visions of in all in brawl escalating if there is no interference you take a break and once again diffuse the latest drama of ‘who used the other’s things without asking’, or ‘who looked at who nasty’, or who is just plain friggen whinging about who!! Gahhh!!! Coffee time, I need a break from this bloody madhouse! My one small weeded garden is calling me to gaze upon its beauty again.

4.Organise the plastics cupboard

You know the one. We all have them. Never think about it until you’re packing the dishes away or you have a need for that certain container. You open up the door quickly throw in the containers and slam the door shut again before everything comes spilling out all over the floor. You have cupboard closing ninja skills. Sansei Plastic, that’s me.

5. Finish that Pinterest inspired craft project that looked so damn easy

You’ve got all the materials together, you’ve got your best ‘get things done’ soundtrack playing, you’ve got that pencil stuck behind your ear. You are Martha Stewart right now. If you’re anything like me you will create, pull apart, create, pull apart again because it still looks like a pre-schoolers bring home craft item then bundle it all up, walk away leaving it there before you completely lose your shit, and proceed to sulk over a chilled glass of calm the hell down aka wine.

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