10 Things You Promise You’ll Finish Over The Holidays – And Don’tWell planned intentions don't always stack up in the world of reality

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6. Paint the kids’ bedrooms

One problem. You still haven’t washed the walls down! Stop avoiding – start doing!

7. Clean out the shed/ garage

Time to face reality. All that ‘stuff’ that was too good to part with or you were going to do something with one day, it’s time for some culling. 3 D’s baby. Dust, Donate or Ditch. If you can use it now – clean it up and USE IT! Donate the things that can be used by others or simply ditch it if it is just crap.  It will be dirty work, there will be rodent carcasses to be confronted with and smells you can’t un-smell.  Not a job for the weak.

8. Cleaning out your wardrobe

You’ve got every size of clothing ranging from single numbers to almost triple digits.  Those clothes that you just might get back into one day and those which you unfortunately really might get back into one day. There’s fashion from the 90’s through to today. Cue that 90’s soundtrack, track 5, Loveshack! Oh there goes the next hour as you reminisce your teen years – hell you’ve no doubt even got the original clothes from then as well in size ‘How the friggen hell did I ever fit into that little skirt?!’.

9. Organising your pantry

You’ve purchased all the matching storage containers with mental images of a magazine spread style pantry coming together in your own kitchen. You clear one shelf, find something that really would be at home in an archaeological dig site it’s that out of date. It doesn’t even resemble food stuff anymore. Cue uncontrollable gagging. Time to shut the door and walk away. Ain’t no body got time for that!

10. Me

This project is on my holiday list EVERY year.  Time to start working on myself, get fit, lose weight, new hairstyle, new style, new year, new me. I sit down to write up my exercise, healthy eating plan, flick through magazines and browse multiple Pinterest images of what I think I’d like to wear. Failure to plan is planning to fail right?! I’ve got this.

I sit and consider what projects I’ve wanted to get done these holidays and what I’ve actually completed. I realise that all I’ve in fact completed is:

  • A holiday glass of wine or 18 (and by glass I mean a bottle!)
  • Enough coffee to keep 36 Uni students going through end of term exams for the next 10 years
  • 2 boxes of Ferrero Rocher. Small 3 packs or actual delivery boxes, I’ll leave that up to your mind to choose which you think would be actually true.

My house is still ok-ish, my garden is hectic, and containers sprawl freely across my floor next to the pantry which is still a no go zone. I haven’t gone to the gym or got a new hairstyle and I’m actually more than ok with that

I may not have ticked off every item on my list, but I can always add them to the list for the next holidays right?

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