12 BEEautiful Christmas Gifts For Bee Lovers

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12 BEEautiful Christmas Gifts For Bee Lovers

Bees do a lot more than pollinate and give us honey. Without bees, we’re going to be in so much trouble. Yes! They do a lot for the ecosystem and food chain.

This is a science-based fact (you can read about it here) and these insects shouldn’t really be taken for granted.

With that said, we should really give more attention to these insects. It is fascinating to learn about what they are and what they do which is why it isn’t surprising how some people looooove anything about bees. Some of the people in my life are BEElievers so I am thinking of getting them a gift that is dedicated to honour these fascinating insects.

Do you have someone special who has a thing for Bees?

Well BEElieve it or not, these gift ideas will be something they’re going to buzz about non-stop! Scroll down below for some BEEautiful gift ideas!

A Bee Hotel:

Give the native bee’s in your backyard a beautiful place to rest their wings.  Native Bee’s are solitary creatures (they don’t live in a hive like honey bee’s do) – and bee hotels provide a safe and low maintenance way to support these hard working little native pollinators.

Every The Woodsman Bee House is handcrafted from up cycled timbers and organic waste, because we believe in using sustainable materials and practices. This unique woodsman home is made from ‘urban harvested’ timber from the Carseldine, North Brisbane and is filled with discarded, gathered materials including bamboo, eucalyptus, bottle brush, brick and paperbark.

Stockist: The Woodsman Australia for $90.00

A Bee Hotel | Stay At Home Mum

Native Bee Poster

Be able to identify all of Queensland’s beautiful native bee’s with this Native Bee Poster.  You can also get NSW, VIC, South Australia and Western Australian versions.

Stockist: Gina Cranson Artworks for $20.00

Native Bee Poster | Stay At Home Mum

Pollinator Friendly Garden Sign

This year, play host to all the bees, butterflies and other flying pollinators in your yard. Let others know that you avoid pesticides and cultivate flowering plants to support the important work that pollinators do for us.

Made of a composite aluminum and polyethylene, and printed with a plastic-based ink, this durable sign will last for years outside and in the weather. It will look fine on a stake, on the shed or on the barn.

Stockist: Wirtheim Design Studio for $42.71

Pollinator Friendly Garden Sign | Stay At Home Mum

Honey Bee Shoulder Tote Bag

Pack a picnic and escape to a grassy spot where you can watch the pollinators at work. Made with 100% recycled canvas.

Recycled canvas is made with textile waste cuttings that are otherwise discarded as trash. Instead of filling up the landfill, these cuttings are collected and spun into yarn that is then woven into fabric that can be used again. You may notice some irregularities in the material, this is natural in recycled canvas, since the collected material varies in content.

Stockist: Cognitive Surplus for $43.50

Honey Bee Shoulder Tote Bag Reversible Tote Beekeeper Gift image 0

Eco Friendly Bee Thank You Cards

Rustic and with a vintage style bee print, these lovely mini cards with envelopes are ideal as small gift cards, note cards, thank you cards, messages and notes, greetings and birthday cards.

The recycled nature of these cards gives them a lovely handmade texture with natural fibre flecks.

Stockist: The Pumpkin Paper Co for $15.06 for a set of 10

Eco Friendly Bee Thank You Cards | Stay At Home Mum

Honeycomb Stud Earrings Made from Reforested Wood

These gorgeous little earrings are so sweet!  They are made from sustainably sourced wood and 90% recycled display cards.  Each stud is covered in silver plated brass, is hypoallergenic and the wood is applied with a non-toxic water based glue.

Stockist: Green Tree Jewelry for $21.71

Ships from The United States
Honeycomb Stud Earrings Made from Reforested Wood | Stay At Home Mum

Honeycomb Dangle  Earrings

You’ll love the detail of these earrings! and instead of a stud, these are dangles that are perfect for fancy ocassions!

Stockist: via Etsy for $4.36

Shipped from The United States

Honeycomb Earrings | Stay At Home Mum

Bronze Bee Brooch

Antiqued golden bronze bee brooch (or silver or copper – choose from the drop-down list above)
with lovely intricate detail. Small/medium size – see pictures for a good idea of size.

Stockist: Zoe River via Etsy for $19.00

Ships from Australia

Bronze Bee Brooch | Stay At Home Mum

An Adorable Bee Scrunchie

Our scrunchies are handmade with love & are the perfect accessory for every outfit. All of our scrunchies are the one size & wrap perfectly around your hair twice.

Handmade in Brisbane, Australia.

Stockist: SewCuteBoutiqueuk for $7.54

Ships from Australia

An Adorable Bee Scrunchie | Stay At Home Mum

Honey Bee Necklace in Rose Gold

Gorgeous little 18K rose gold plated honey bee pendant, finely detailed, and hung on fine rose gold plated chain. Wear it by itself or layer with other necklaces to create your own unique look.  Matching earrings are also available.

Stockist: Burnt Sugar Boutique for $37.15

Ships from Australia

Honey Bee Necklace in Rose Gold | Stay At Home Mum

Bee Happy Shirt

This mustard-coloured t-shirt is just that pop of colour you need for your outfit. It’s cute and comfy!

Stockist: for $31.36

Womens fall shirt Bee Happy Shirt Mustard Color Bee shirt image 0

Bee in a Gold Acorn Wreath French Art Print

Bee French art print, gorgeous bee in a gold acorn wreath. Vintage home decor, French country decor. A4 Giclee. The A4 paper size measures 21cm x 29.7cm, 8.25″ x 11.75″

Design and original artwork by Wendy Paula Patterson.

Stockist: Mulberry’s Little Muse for $27.89

Bee in a Gold Acorn Wreath French Art Print | Stay At Home Mum


What sort of Bee Gift are you planning on receiving this Christmas?

12 BEEautiful Christmas Gifts For Bee Lovers | Stay at Home

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