15 Hilarious and Extremely Naughty Secret Santa Gifts (18+ Only!)A cheeky list of Christmas gift ideas!

11. Ball Sack Bike Lights

Safety first with these luminescent ball-sack bike lights. It’s a must for your avid rider.

Stay At Home Mum
via quirksy.com.au

12. Nuts About Daddy Keyring

Perhaps only those with dirty minds would immediately think this is shaped like a penis and testicles. Even still; for a subtle gift that lends itself to those with naughty imaginations it’s perfect and practical.

Stay At Home Mum
via tagyoureitjewelry.com

13. Marks & Spencer Drop Earrings

Swinging ballsacks anyone? Clearly these earrings were meant to be drop hearts, but they probably should have turned them around.

Stay At Home Mum
via mumsnet.com

14. Gentleman’s Penis Grooming Kit

For the metro-sexual in your life. A willy care kit complete with brush and scissors. Groom at own risk.

Stay At Home Mum
via wonnered.com

15. Vajazzle Body Art Crystals

Send your holiday greetings via sparkly crystals!

Stay At Home Mum
via ebay.co.uk

We absolutely love the idea of these naughty Christmas gifts.

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