25+ SUPER Easy DIY Christmas Gifts!Nothing beats a gift that comes from the heart.

For people who love to eat!

10. Liquor Jars

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Homemade infuse spirits are a new thing but wouldn’t it be great if you can make one and give it to someone special and let them try the new cocktails with your own personal tastes.

11. Mini Bar Jar

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This gift idea is perfect for those who enjoy occasional drinks.

12. Homemade Baileys

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 A deliciously creamy and chocolatey homemade alcoholic drink that tastes just like Bailey’s Irish Cream.

13. Hot Cocoa Cones

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This would give someone a chocogasmic delight!

14. Hot Cocoa Kit 

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These adorable Hot Cocoa Kits are easy to make, require very little crafting skill. Perfect gift idea this holiday season.

15. Brownie Mix in a Jar

Stay At Home Mum

Via diyjoy

If there’s a new favourite, this brownie mix is the one. Just simply layer the ingredients and decorate the jar.

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