7 Emergency Ways To Get Cash For Christmas

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7 Emergency Ways To Get Cash For Christmas

Christmas is creeping up on us fast, so if you are looking to make some extra money to help fund your season of festivities, check out these ideas.

Here are 7 ways to make some extra cash before December 25..

Don’t forget to start early!

1) Sell unwanted stuff online

Advertising any unwanted items for sale is a great way to generate some extra cash, but make sure you do it the right way.

You do not necessarily need to sell loads of items to make it worthwhile, it can be more effective to pick a few items that are in a good condition. These are likely to be more saleable and it also won’t take up so much of your time to advertise them.

  • These quick tips can help you get a quick sale and the best possible price; give all items a thorough clean.
  • Take a clear photograph in good, natural light.
  • Write a detailed honest description of the product.
  • Choose where you want to advertise your items. Online websites like eBay and Gumtree are popular, but you can also use your local newspaper or perhaps your school has a Facebook Group you could use?
  • Make sending and delivery of the item as easy as possible. Larger items can be collected in person by local customers, whereas smaller items can be sent in the post with the buyer paying for delivery upfront.

2) Take in a lodger

If you have an extra room in your house which you could spare, consider advertising for a lodger. This can be very profitable for you, assuming you can put up with having someone else living in your home!

A good place to start is to speak to other people who have rented out rooms in the past, and always check your state’s rules and regulations before you advertise so you know yours and your potential tenant’s rights.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Work out how much you will charge and what exactly will it include (bills, food etc) and will they cook their own meals?
  • If you have children, how will they adjust to having someone else in their house, and how will it affect the dynamics of your home.
  • What sort of person would you want? Popular choices may be students or older professionals, but bear in mind what sort of person would best suit your circumstances.

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3) Make money delivering

Food outlets are always busy leading up to the festive period, and tend to be looking for extra drivers to deliver food or their menus to help drum up business.

Some will advertise online if they are looking for help, or you could ask at your local restaurant if they have any vacancies.

The beauty of this is that it wouldn’t necessarily take up too much of your time, and you could fit it in around your normal day to day routine.7ebf3011 0ad0 4fde a23d 3f95cd19cf61 | Stay at Home

4) Get seasonal work at a department store

The festive period can offer up great opportunities for seasonal work and gives you the chance to make some good cash, assuming you have the extra time to take it on. The large department stores, coffee shops and cafés usually take on extra staff around Christmas.

It’s best to ask in store if they have application forms, or check out the latest jobs here!

Remember that if you are prepared to work shifts on the public holidays around Christmas you could get more generous hourly rates and you may get the added benefit of a staff discount, too!

5) Be a babysitter

With the busy Christmas party period coming up, it means lots more opportunities for babysitting. You can spread the word by letting your friends know you are available. In most states a Working With Children Check (WWCC) is required if you work as a baby sitter through an agency, but not when you are working independently in a private home.

You can get a Federal or State Police Check from your local police station for a small fee, which could help your chances of getting work, assuming you do not have a criminal record of course!toffee apples11 | Stay at Home

6) Make cakes and sell them at markets

Are you a bit fancy in the kitchen? If you can make festive cakes, jams and other delicacies, spruce them up so they look Christmassy you could get some extra money by selling them at local markets and car boot sales. Seasonal products can be all the rage, so get your creative hat on and think about festive style gingerbread men, cupcakes, snowmen or snowballs, anything that could catch someone’s eye and help you bring in some extra cash.

7) Keep your eyes out for freebies at your local shopping centre

Save some cash by taking advantage of free offerings at your shopping centre. Make-up, moisturiser, lollies, clothing and more can all be up for grabs and perfect your stocking fillers, saving you money. A penny saved is a penny earned. This is a small selection of the different ways you can make some extra money for Christmas.

Above all think about which of them is right for you and your family. If you are creative and put your mind to it, you can fill a gap that others are not meeting and make some extra decent money to put towards a fantastic Christmas this year.

7 Emergency Ways To Get Cash For Christmas
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Do you have tips on how to make extra cash for Christmas?

7 Emergency Ways To Get Cash For Christmas | Stay at Home Mum

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