8 People Who Love Christmas Too Much

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8 People Who Love Christmas Too Much

We’re celebrating Christmas early here at SAHM! But as much as we love Christmas, there are those that take their Yuletide love too far…

There aren’t too many people out there (grinches exempted) that don’t love the holiday season. Sure it’s stressful, busy and occasionally very expensive, but it’s a time to spend with friends and family, relax and enjoy the end of a successful year.

These are the people that just love Christmas too much. You can meet them, and learn about their unusual holiday behaviours, below.

1. People who dress to impress

In our eyes, Christmas-themed clothing is only barely acceptable on the day itself, and certainly should not be overly worn on any day leading up to the holiday. But for some, their love for Christmas makes it impossible to stay away from the Christmassy fashions that make the day much special…to them at least.


Snapping a jaunty selfie is one for the books!


Frosty the Snowman was a jolly, topsy-turvy and naughty soul!


Make a scene with a vibrant, jovial and unrivalled haute couture OOTD


Christmas comes with the basics: Christmas jumpers and a pic with your two best friends.


 They would not call it CHRISTmas for no reason at all

2. The Christmas Hair-Raising Stylist 

Along with clothes, some people like to take their Christmas decorating to the next level by making themselves the vehicle of Christmas cheer. Sure, a sweater might bring a smile, but adding Christmas joy to your hairstyle (or beard style) is clearly the way to go if you love Christmas that much.

25542305 1624550164258331 8407498212792819664 o | Stay at Home

Bring Christmas to yer’ hommies with this ‘do!


Beard is rawer than pines for your Christmas tree! And it grows all over the year.


 Have yourself a Christmas tree HAIR with Santa’s busy elves climbing up the peak

3. The ‘Inked Mates’ who can’t get enough of Christmas

Yes, this is about what you think it is, people who love Christmas so much that they actually get their love of the holiday tattooed on to their body. Just when you thought people might get sick of seeing Christmas trees just for the month of December, these people have had them permanently etched onto their skin. Along with that, there are tributes to famous Christmas characters and some that are just an odd mix of loves.


So Yoda greets ‘May the GIFTS be with you this Christmas’


Now, our little green friend here has got some company all the year


You won’t be changing the lights every year. More so, no one will GRINCH your gifts away!

People Who Are Truly Christmas-Obsessed!

There’s a love of Christmas that goes too far, and then there’s an obsession. The people below don’t just love Christmas, they can’t live without it. From gingerbread houses brought to life, to Christmas lights that take all year to plan, these are the truly Christmas obsessed.

4. 168 Christmas Trees 

Shay has squeezed 168 Christmas Trees to her 3-bedroom home, each has its own theme and personality. There’s even one on her bathtub!

If that isn’t obsession then I don’t know what that is!

5. The Christmas Snowcouple

Snowmen are something of an afterthought for celebrating Christmas in Australia. After all, we do celebrate it in the summer, where snow just isn’t going to happen. But for some Christmas lovers, snowmen are what Christmas is all about. Take for example Christmas collector, Jacinta. She owns an enormous 5,000 snowmen figurines, dolls, and knick-knacks that she put up in her home every December. It takes her a week of 14-hour days just to get everything set up, and she even keeps a real snowman made of snow in the freezer. And don’t even get us started on her husband’s Nutcracker collection.

Now we know where Frosty and the Nutcracker spend Christmas

6. The Gay Family Christmas Lights

The Gay family don’t just love Christmas lights, they LOVE Christmas lights. In fact, the family holds a Guinness World Record for the Largest Residential Christmas Lights Display in the WORLD. The three kids spend two hours every day helping plan and maintain the Christmas lights display, which is managed by their dad, Tim. Containing over 200 custom light design elements that cover their 1.8-acre property completely. Tim Gay maintains the lights to honour his mother, who always made his Christmases magical as a kid.

A magical, glistening Christmas night legacy never fades.

7. Mrs. Gingerbread and her sweet obsession

Another traditional Christmas treat, gingerbread is probably not something that most people spend any great deal of time thinking about. Well, Tamara Holland of Virginia might be the exception. In the last five years, she has amassed an enormous collection of gingerbread people and houses, some bought and some homemade. Her dream is to actually live in a gingerbread house, which her daughter managed to do with a clever paint and decorating job.

A sweet surprise bringing Christmas memories to life!

8. Mr. Christmas

Andy Park, a 50-year-old electrician loves Christmas so much that he celebrates it every single day of the year! Known by the public as Mr Christmas, Andy is so dedicated to Christmas that he has spent more than half a million pounds on his celebration every year. That includes more and 6,500 turkeys were eaten, along with the same amount of champagne in a daily Christmas dinner! He wakes up every morning to open presents (that he wraps the night before) and then hand delivers himself a Christmas card (that he also writes the night before). Amongst all this, he finds time to work as an electrician and composer of Christmas songs for the radio. After realising that this isn’t normal, Andy has also started seeking medical advice.

Where everyday is Christmas!

Can you keep up with these people who love Christmas too much?

8 People Who Love Christmas Too Much | Stay At Home Mum

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