This Is What A True Blue Aussie Christmas Looks Like…

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This Is What A True Blue Aussie Christmas Looks Like…

 During this special season, give yourself a jolly hint of what true blue Aussie Christmas truly is.

It’s all about the heat, the sun, the beach and barbecues. These are what makes an Aussie Christmas. So if you want to experience the Christmas ‘fever’, here are some of the ways Aussies enjoy the season!

1. A Watermelon Sliced Fancy

If you have been eating watermelon without the stick, you’ve been eating it wrong!

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2. A Wreath Hanging In The Front Door

Hang that gum leaf wreath on your front door to let the neighbour know you’re already feeling the Christmas vibe!

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3. Delicious Feasts

Cold meats, seafood and salads to be served for your guests!

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4. Eye-pleasing desserts

Texture and taste for desserts – these mini pavlovas are the way to please your guests craving!

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5. Combination of seafood and green food

Prawns and avocado, get in my belly!

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6. Pineapple Mango Salsa

Hello Christmas in the summer!

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7. Show your enthusiasm for Christmas

Fairy bread – the Christmas edition!

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8. Everyone loves a slice of mango float

An easy-to-make mango float is a sure way to delight your guests!

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9. Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are also a way to satisfy your guests’ craving for sweets!

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10. Prawns with Dips

Nothing says Aussie Christmas more than a plate full of prawns!

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11. Scallop Verrines

A fancy food served in eye-catching style makes everyone appreciate the occasion more!

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12. Trifle

A true Christmas edition of layered goodness!

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13. Accompany wine to some dishes..

Knowing what wine goes with what dish is always a handy when throwing a gathering!

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14. Spread some Christmas cheer

Decorate your home to suit your Christmas style!

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15. Fine Dining Outdoors

A long table laden with family, food and friends is the perfect Aussie Christmas!

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16. Homemade Icypoles

A grownup’s guilty pleasure – not just for the kids!

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17. Pavlova Cheesecake

This has to be the ‘Aussie-est’ cheesecake ever created!

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18. Brussels Sprouts and Dried Cranberries

Feed your vegetable-loving guests this dish!

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19. Salmon Dressed With All Kinds

Be ready for photo snappers (snappers – fish get it?!) ’cause it’s going straight to Instagram!

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20. Prawn Kebabs

Barbecued prawn kebabs make the perfect finger food or entree!

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21. Fresh Air and a View

The perfect scenery to eat in the great outdoors!

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22. Gingerbread Shack

With a koala on the roof, a gumtree in the yard and the family practicing slip, slop, slap!

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What are your Aussie Christmas favourites?

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