Christmas Party Ideas for Mums (Without the Kids!)

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Christmas Party Ideas for Mums (Without the Kids!)

Because mums deserve to have a very merry party!

After organising everything from decluttering things, arranging the house and preparing the menu on what to serve this coming holidays, why don’t we treat ourselves a time-off after these? After all, us mums deserve to enjoy a break with our fellow mums too!

With all the buzzing around, tell your husbands and kids that you’re going to have fun with your gal pals. Take an off from all the Christmas mayhem and call your girls for an exclusive Christmas party just for mums!

Time to let loose before the festive season is over and check out these cool ideas for a very merry party!

1. Wine & Cheese Night

Nothing beats this good pairing of wine and cheese. Host a classy and relaxing Christmas party by calling out your wine and fromage-obsessed friends and enjoy a variety of cheese dips and starter dishes!Wine Night for mum

Check our Strawberry Wine Cooler recipe here!

2. Secret Santa Supper

Everybody enjoys an old age tradition of secret gift-giving. So, why not call out your girlfriends and organise a secret Santa supper. As always, try using a themed gift-giving or use a spending cap that you agreed upon. All gifts don’t need to be super expensive and besides, it’s challenging as well! For sure, you will all be receiving wacky gifts and the party will be full of laughter!

Secret Santa Night
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3. Christmas Movie Marathon

Every woman loves Christmas Rom-Coms! And for sure fellow mums out there love to hang out with each other and enjoy lots of cringe-worthy Christmas flicks! Enjoy a good laugh and good cry (maybe?) while watching a couple of feel-good movies. Don’t forget the popcorn and other goodies to nibble on too!

Christmas Party Ideas for Mums (without the kids!) | Stay At Home Mum
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