How to Deal with Christmas Party Poopers

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How to Deal with Christmas Party Poopers

Tis’ the season to be jolly… BUT! Not for snappy, cranky, people! 

Don’t you love the people that come to a party and complain about everything? Yeah, me too. Reminds me of The Grinch!


The Grinch | Stay at Home

And while everyone is full of the festive spirit, there are others who don’t feel it. These people are the worry-warts and the party poopers. Being around with this kind of people makes you feel icky and your gut instinct is to hit them over the head with something hard to wake them up and telling them not to frown!

But Christmas or not, we need to show goodwill towards others. There’s probably some less violent ways of dealing with them.

So, rather than create a scene, we’ve come up with some solutions to keep everyone (even the Scrooges!) happy this Christmas with our post on dealing with Christmas party poopers.

1. Try not to take it to heart

The house is spotless, the dinner is perfect, and the air conditioning is on. However, old granny still whinges that she’s too hot and the dust is causing her allergies to flare up. Regardless of what you do, some people just love to complain. So try not to take it to heart it may be their way to get attention or even spark a conversation.

How to Deal with Christmas Party Poopers | Stay At Home Mum
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How to Deal with Christmas Party Poopers | Stay At Home Mum
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2. Call them on it

Little kids that are naughty have to sit in the time out chair. So if one of your relatives starts to bitch and moan, put them in the Grinch chair. If your family have a sense of humour, then this is a great way to make light of the grumpy relative. You can even have a special “Grinch” hat that the complainer needs to wear when he is in the Grinch corner sitting in his Grinch chair. Hopefully, this will shut him up or at least give the rest of the family a good laugh.

Put the party pooper in the Chair of Cheer!

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3. Create A Grumpy Jar

Many families will use a ‘swear jar‘ to help teach their children what words are off limits. Essentially if anyone swears then they have to add money to the jar.

You can use this idea to keep those grumpy party poopers from whining all day long.

Make a game out of it anyone who is negative or complains about anything (the weather’s too hot, the chicken is too cold, the traffic is backed up, there is nothing good on TV, etc.) has to contribute $1 to the Grumpy Jar.

After all, if your family are going to sit there and complain about everything, you might as well make some money out of it!

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Turn their frowns into smiles! More tips on the next page!

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