Christmas Ornaments from Used Nespresso Pods

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Christmas Ornaments from Used Nespresso Pods

Christmas Ornaments from Used Nespresso Pods | Stay at Home MumChristmas Ornaments from Used Nespresso Pods

An easy and frugal way to make Christmas Tree Ornaments from used Nespresso Pods!

  • Used Nespresso pods
  • Ribbon (about 30cm per ornament, plus embellishments)
  • Drinking straw
  • Stanley knife
  • Scissors

Take two used nespresso pods, and using a stanley knife or other sharp object, carefully slice around the foil bottom and remove it.  Scrape out the used grounds (these go great in your worm farm if you have one!).  Wash the pod out and allow to dry.

Using your stanley knife, make a small slit in the top of each pod big enough to poke the ribbon through.

Cut two lengths of drinking straw – one 1cm length and one 2cm length.  The 1cm length will be inside the bottom pod, and the 2cm length will be the spacer between the pods.

Cut a length of ribbon about 30cm long, and thread the 1cm length of straw onto it.  Hold the two ends of ribbon together, and poke them up together through the bottom of the lower pod.  Pull gently until tight.  Next thread both ends through the 2cm length of straw, and finally the top pod.

Pull gently on the ribbon until tight leaving one end longer than the other, and tie a knot above the top pod, making a loop to hang your ornament from.  Curl the ends of the ribbon with a pair of scissors.    You can insert a few more short lengths of ribbon into this knot for extra curls if you like.

This Christmas Craft idea and photograph were submitted by Pearl Salmon!  Pearl has her own blog called Wild Chestnuts which is all about adventures in craft, gardening and self-sustainability.  Check it out at http://wildchestnuts.blogspot.com.au/ 

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