Our Favourite Elf on The Shelf Ideas From Our AweSAHM Followers!

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  • Our Favourite Elf on The Shelf Ideas From Our AweSAHM Followers!

Well, well, well. You definitely gave us a hard time choosing from all the elf on the shelf photos you showed us!

Actually, you guys made me work overtime! Not that I’m complaining………

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But we went through all of it – all 128 photos! And were able to narrow it down to 14.

It was all so funny and hilarious that choosing was such a feat! My armpits were sweating a lot…

Wipes Sweat GIFs | Tenor

Anyway, here are our top favourite elf on the shelf ideas from our aweSAHM followers.

This year is a special kind of crazy and not even elf on the shelf are exempted from isolation. Good job, Tori! 

How many days is this little guy in isolation, Suby?

Oops Melissa! What a naughty elf you have there!

This one is from the same Melissa, and I must say… your elf on the shelf is definitely thinking of a “special” massage.

You have one helpful elf, Amber! 😂

Belinda, your elf definitely knows how to chill!

Oh deer! I thought he was a nice elf, Belinda!

Your elf wants to start a moustache trend, Sue!

Uhm, Melissa? You were looking for all the toilet paper, right? We know where it went….

Hey Jess.. Jessica? You might want to check out the loo before guests arrive.

My favourite out of this bunch is Nicole’s elf! Poor kids! Look at what he did to the photos!🤣

This elf on the shelf idea is just perfect for 2020, Jessica! bahaha!

Looks like your elves love some company, Stacey!

Oops Kim! The elf is making fun of the baby pics!

Thanks for sending us your elf on the shelf photos! Hope the little guys are behaving nicely as of this moment and not trying to “help” with the decor.. lol

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