Last Minute Christmas To Do ListDon't Forget These Last Minute Items!

Last Minute Christmas To Do List

Here are all the very last minute Christmas To-Dos you will need to know about before Christmas Eve comes around!

Last Minute Christmas To Do List | Stay at Home Mum

Have you picked up custard and fresh cream?

Hint: if you don’t want to brave the big shops the day before Christmas – try your smaller corner stores – there won’t be a line-up and they will stock what you need for only a few cents more!  Just make sure you check the Best Before date on the carton. Even better, make your own custard at home!


Grab a Few Boxes of Chocolate or Biscuit Tins

These make terrific last minute gifts for people you may have forgotten!


Make Sure You Stock Up On Your Medications

Ensure you have all the medications you will need over the Christmas period, especially if you are travelling or will be away from your usual chemist.


Order a box of stone fruit to graze on over the Christmas Period

Christmas time fruit is the BEST fruit of the whole year.  Order a box of fresh stone fruit from your local fruit supplier.  Nectarines, cherries, apricots, plums – all delicious fruit that makes this time of year special!

Buy Baby Wipes Even if you Don’t Have a Baby

They come in handy for all sorts of things over Christmas.  Grab a small pack on whack them in your hand bag.  They are handy for sticky hands, spills, that stain you don’t want your mother-in-law to see on your wall.

Got enough milk to get you through?

Milk is one of the most over-looked items to easily forget at Christmas time!

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Got all the batteries you need (and back up batteries) for the kids toys?

Hint – carefully open up your kids toys, put batteries in them and re-wrap so they work right away on Xmas morning!.


Ensure You Have Enough Data Allowance for Gaming Consoles

Yeah I did this a few years ago.  Bought the boys a gaming console, but they couldn’t play it because I didn’t have enough data…. Do it early as you don’t want to spend Christmas Day on the phone to your internet provider!

Put fresh sheets on the bed in the spare room for guests

Even if you don’t have guests due to stay, freshening up the guest room just in case will save you time scrambling around whilst drunk on Christmas Eve!

Got Santa’s Beer and Carrots for the Reindeer?

Ensure you have a beer (and stubby cooler if you have one) – plus some carrots so you can put them out for Santa and his reindeer the night before!

Sticky Tape is Cheap – Buy Lots of It

Nothing screams ‘Anxious’ more than a mother on Christmas eve with no sticky-tape! Whilst you are thinking of it – good scissors are a must-have item too!

Make Santa Footprints on Christmas Eve

Grab some of Dad’s big boots and put them on the floor near the fireplace, then sprinkle a bit of baby powder and glitter around them – keep moving the boots in a ‘Walking’ pattern to the Christmas tree and back.  It will make the kids lose their minds!

Prepare a ‘Travelling Kit’ for the kids

If you have a long car drive or big trip over Christmas, put together a small travelling kit for the kids.  Their schoolbags work well – include a few healthy snacks, a book, a toy, maybe some headphones and music.  Pillows are also great to take with them to make their trip comfortable.

Put all your Gift Receipts Together in the One Spot

Just in case an item doesn’t work or doesn’t fit!  Just be careful you don’t throw out the plastic bag with the receipt in the bottom!

Don’t Forget About You!

Buy yourself something nice for Christmas.  A comfy pair of fabulous shoes, a new hairstyle or even a novel.  You’ve worked hard to make Christmas happen – spoil yourself!

Wrapped all the Christmas Presents?

When the kids are in bed, make sure you grab out all the gifts from where you have stashed them and wrap them all up.  Make sure the gifts from Santa are in a different type of wrapping paper to the gifts from everyone else!  Oh and always make sure you fill out the Gift Tag or write the name of the intended on the paper!


Got more last minute Christmas To-Dos? Let us know and we will get them added!

Last Minute Christmas To Do List

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