Tips on Treating Yourself to a Special Christmas

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  • Tips on Treating Yourself to a Special Christmas

Want to make this Christmas extra special but without the hassles and the costs? We’ve whipped up some delicious meal ideas, decoration hints and Christmas entertainment that will leave you enjoying the festive season without all the added stress. So kick up your feet this holiday season and enjoy the most relaxed and well-prepared Christmas yet with our tips on treating yourself to a special Christmas:

leg ham
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Let’s face it – the hardest thing about Christmas is preparing the food, especially if you have a household of people coming for dinner. This is always the biggest stress for me as there is always a pretty high chance that I am going to screw it up. While the team at Stay at Home Mum are made up of a number of talented chefs whipping up inspiring recipes, I am not one of them. In fact, I can hardly make a sandwich look and taste good.  If you have a love for delicious, home cooked and awe inspiring food but cannot seem to translate this desire to the table, then why not consider pre-made main dishes? I’ve selected the Woolworth’s Gold Free Range Leg Ham as our main meal but there are plenty of other options available through this elegant range from Infused Boneless Rolled Australian Pork Loin to Gold Turkducken, a combination of marinated turkey, chicken and duck with a fig and pistachio filling. Choose simple side dishes to complement the main dish such as a healthy potato bake and a tropical rice salad. And when someone asks, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying “yes, I cooked it myself.” After all, you put it into the oven right?

antipasti platter
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You can spend days in the kitchen preparing mini quiches, specialty wrapped sausage rolls and feta triangles. Or, you can make it easier on yourself by sticking to something simple and stunning like an antipasti platter. I just love antipasti and so does the rest of the family, even the kids. Woolworth’s Gold have a beautiful selection of meats and cheeses that add that little something special to the traditional starter. Consider Gold Wagya Beef, Gold Truffled Salami and Gold Brie and Burrata cheeses paired with a bottle of your favourite white wine. For a little variety, consider adding fruit mince pies to the table as well. These are always a hit with my kids. Simple. Easy. Elegant.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACreate Your Own Christmas Centrepieces

Making the house Christmasy doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’ve got some awesome Christmas craft ideas to do wit the kids to ensure the house looks and feels festive for your guests. The best thing about making things with the kids is that even if they do turn out awful looking, you can always claim that the kids helped you. And what guest wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful centerpiece made out of love, even if it’s crooked, mismatched and falling apart.  Our top Christmas centerpiece and decoration ideas? Check out Christmas Lolly Sleighs and Christmas Pine Cones, both perfect for the dinner table.

bigstock-Family-playing-board-game-ludo-35012600Trivia, Karaoke, Charades and Other Hilarious Christmas Entertainment

After the gifts have been unwrapped, the food has been devoured and the drinks have been poured, why not add some hilarity to your Christmas gathering? Instead of sitting around, playing with the new gadgets and making small talk, we’ve got a few other ideas to try out:

  • Start with a game of trivia –  Check out the Christmas Xmas website for pre-made Christmas trivia games. Split the family up and see what team knows more about Christmas movies, carols, history, etc. 
  • Bring out the Board Games – another great way to get into the family spirit is to play a board game. Choose one where everyone can play including the little ones. This may mean splitting up in teams so the younger ones have a fair chance to play. If you don’t have any family board games on hand, then opt for charades – just make sure it’s Christmas themed! And try not to piss your pants watching Grandma act out “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.”
  • Story Time Shenanigans – you can all sit down and read a few Christmas stories as a family. Or… you can make your own up. Everyone takes a turn to ‘write’ part of the story. You can expect a ridiculous plot with plenty of laughs along the way.
  • Christmas Carol Karaoke  – As the night goes on and the drinks continue to flow, challenge your family to a round of Christmas carols karaoke style. If you have a Christmas CD, then all you need is a small area as the stage and you are ready to rock.  This is always a blast for the kids and can be hilarious for the adults as well, especially after a few beverages.
Photo courtesy of Fresh Magazine

As the fun wears down and it’s time for your guests to go and the kids to head to bed, share one final decadent treat. We recommend something simple that can be prepared in only a few minutes so you don’t have to miss out on any of the family fun. The Woolworths Gold Range  have an amazing collection of biscuits, shortbread, ganache and delicate after dinner chocolates, Marc de Champagne truffles, Belgium chocolate puddings and hidden mulled pear puddings that will melt in your mouth without leaving a mess in your kitchen.   Woolworths Gold After Dinner Chocolate Collection is also a great parting gift for your guests that the kids can help make. Simply wrap a couple of chocolates in clear cellophane and tie together with red or green ribbon. It’s festive; it’s easy; it’s elegant; and it’s the way Christmas should be.


Check out Woolworths Gold Range this Christmas which features hams, sausages, smoked salmon, sauces, jellys, crackers, specialty cheeses and gourmet meats as well as indulgent puddings, fruit mince pies, biscuits and chocolates. 

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