20+ Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls

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20+ Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls

They are no longer little kids, but not yet grown up – so getting the right balance of gift is quite hard…

So your girls are pretty much grown up – not little kids, but not quite teens. They are too old for toys and too young for brand-name makeup and expensive perfume. And buying gifts for them takes you a lot of time to think!

But worry no more because, we asked our fans and followers of Stay at Home Mum what are the best gifts that you will be buying for your princesses for Christmas this year, and these is what they suggest!

1. Get Their Ears Pierced

Provided you are happy for them to get it done, and they are old enough to take care of them, getting their ears pierced is a really great gift idea.  You can also let them choose the earrings of their choice.  The first pair of earrings a girl has should be reasonable good quality to help prevent any infections in the ear. Take your girl to a professional piercer rather than getting them done at the local chemist or hairdresser (although some of these places do have fully trained staff – just check their credentials and certification!)

Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
via simplemost

2. Their Own Pets

If they are mature enough, look into a new pet for them.  It gives them a good sense of responsibility!

Great ideas for this age include:

  • Goldfish or Fighter Fish only require a small bowl, some water conditioner and food Hermit Crab Seamonkeys Guinea Pig Budgie or Parrot
  • Hermit Crab
  • Seamonkeys
  • Guinea Pig
  • Rabbits (if your area allows it)
  • Budgie or Parrot
Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
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3. Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid

With 7 surprises in 1 package, the Barbie Color Reveal dolls deliver all kinds of delight — kids will love diving into the mermaid series! This surprise Barbie Color Reveal doll makes a great gift for kids 3 to 7 years old, especially fantasy lovers.

Get it here for RRP $24.99!

26772412760094 | Stay at Home

4. Chelsea Color Reveal Mermaid

With 6 surprises in 1 package, the Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea dolls deliver all kinds of delight! The surprise Chelsea Color Reveal dolls are released in different series with fun themes — like the mermaid — and make a great gift for kids 3 to 7 years old.

Get it here for RRP $14.99!

mermaid | Stay at Home

5. Card Making Kit in a Tin

Craft making kits are perfect for girls of this age.  It keeps their hands and minds busy, and allows them creative flow.  Either grab a kit like this that is all inclusive, or grab all the bits and pieces from places like Lincraft or Spotlight.

card making kit in a tin

6. Their Very Own Camera

Camera prices have significantly dropped and you can now pick up a good quality camera for under $100!  We love these FujiFilm Instax Polaroid Cameras!

Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
via Polaroid AU

7. Board Games

Yes, board games are perfect for this age.  But don’t go too baby-ish.  Good suggestions include:

However, if you happen to be lucky enough to have an Xbox or Playstation – go for the online versions of the above games.  Less pieces to lose and the whole family can still play!  You can get games and consoles from EB Games, Big W, and Kmart.

Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
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8. Lockable Diary or Journal

This is a great age to provide them with a special diary – just for them.  Let them keep their most sacred memories in a beautiful lockable case.  This is the type of gift they remember and keep forever!

Our Pick: LOL Surprise! Born To Rock A6 Lockable Notebook Diary

Buy L.O.L. Surprise! Born to Rock Lockable Notebook Online - Shop Stationery & School Supplies on Carrefour UAE

9. Headphones

Let her listen to her favourite tunes on the go!  Headphones are a great gift for girls when they start listening to music and developing their own musical taste. So you don’t have to listen to that crap, get her some headphones. Prices range from $300 to $1500 and everything in between!

Our pick: This cutie patotie unicorn headphones

Buy Wired Foldable Flashing Unicorns Kids Headphones With LED Light Earphone For Mobile Phone PC Computer Boys Girls Gam

10. Barbie Ultimate Reveal Playset

These Barbie Colour Reveal dolls deliver the ultimate unboxing experience 25 surprises, eight repeat colour-change features, two pets, two outfits and a Barbie doll to play out day-to-night transformations over and over again.

Get it here for RRP $49.99

mermaid 1 | Stay at Home

11. Microscope

As a kid, I adored Science-based gifts, but there wasn’t much around!  Now the world is our oyster!  It is easy to buy a good quality microscope that kicks arse, for not a whole lot of cash!

Our Pick: This Our Generation Chemistry Set – Under The Microscope – Purple

Under the Microscope | Accessory Set for Dolls | Our Generation

12.  Books

Books are a timeless gift – for everyone and anyone.  Great books for this age group include:

8 Books Set】Harry Potter UK Edition Cursed Child English Novel Reading Read Story Book Fiction Children Boys Girls Kids Adult Books | Shopee Philippines

13. Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is nifty as girls can put it in, and it washes straight out.  You can pick it up from your local supermarket in the hair aisle.

Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
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14. Tickets

Tickets to something your little girl wants to go to is a very grown-up option.  There are so many options now.

  • Water Park
  • Cinema
  • Theme Parks
  • Concert
  • Theatre
Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
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15. Bellabox Subscription

Bellabox is a monthly subscription box that showcases what’s new in makeup, skincare and haircare.  A minimum of 5 sample or full-size products are included and delivered to your door every month!

Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
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16. A Magazine Subscription

Buy her a year’s subscription to a magazine, something that she wouldn’t buy for herself!  Our picks for primary school aged girls include:

  • IT Girl – A magazine for tweens from age 7 – 13.  It provides a safe and trusted environment where girls can express themselves.
  • Girlfriend – the ultimate teenage girl’s BFF with advice on boys, friends, fashion and beauty.
  • Dogs Life – for dog owners and dog lover.  It has all your canine questions answered and has information on your dog’s health and nutrition.
  • Double Helix – A Science Magazine from CSIRO for kids aged 8 – 14 years.
  • Hoofbeats – Australia’s leading educational equestrian magazine focusing on horse ownership and care.

Our Pick: Dogs Life

dogs life
via isubscribe

17. Shoes

Shoes are always a great idea – but make it cute! Check out this Ciao Saturn Black High-cut shoes. It’ll look gorgeous with lots of outfits.

 Shoes & Sox Girls Saturn Black

18. Make Your Own Lip Gloss Kit

Yes, lip gloss is fun – but what if you can make it from scratch!  There are loads of different lip gloss kits on the market.  Here is just one of them.

lip gloss kit
via online toys AU

19. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are both pretty, fairly inexpensive and practical.  Check out your local Chemist for a pretty pair you think your primary school aged girl might like.  I love this pretty floral pair – cute!

Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
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20. Room Decorations

Oh, there is so much choice here.  New lamps, fairy lights, book-ends, doona covers, clocks…. See what she is into and go wild.  Even better, get her a voucher and go shopping together so she can choose!

Magic Castle LED Lamp - - Lumi Co - Yellow Octopus

Our Pick: This Castle Night Light

21. Bean Bag or Fancy Chair

Another good idea for her room!  Her own chair or Bean Bag where she can relax, read a book or chat for hours on the phone!

Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
via Noomi Bean Bags

22. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat’s are a fantastic idea for a gift for a young girl.  You can pick them up for about $20 from most big shops (Kmart, Big W etc) or even camping stores.  They are also handy to have a sleeping bag if you go camping.  Some places even do personalised Yoga Mats!

Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum
via Harmony Yoga Mats

Got any more ideas? Let us know at [email protected]!

20+ Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Girls | Stay At Home Mum

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