Inexpensive Gift Ideas

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Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Gifts Ideas

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A Pony is not an inexpensive gift!

Families can be fickle groups sometimes. It’s pretty hard to pick out gifts for individual family members as it is, but if you’re shopping on a budget you really have to get creative and think outside the square. Here are a few ideas for every family member that should get your creative juices flowing. You might have to feed some ideas to your kids (for the hubby as well as for you), but these suggestions should help.


What do you get the guy who has everything? (“everything” is you, of course!) Well, you could settle for the same old ideas socks, jocks, shaving kits, tool accessories but if you really want to personalize it you should look a little deeper. First of all, what kind of guy is he? Is he a do-it-yourself-er? Is he creative? Business oriented? If he’s the kind of guy who likes to fix things, then tools actually make a great gift and don’t have to cost a lot of money. A bottle of his favourite wine won’t set you back a fortune either – and it’s something he can really enjoy on his own. Dad have a sweet tooth – what about a box of chocolates – they aren’t just for girls!


The house manager likes holidays too! One of my favorite gifts is a “coupon book” with coupons for free jobs around the house. Your kids can create these on their own, and your hubby can help stable everything together. Coupons for things like “1 free dish washing” or “1 weekend of mowing and weeding” are better than a weekend at a massage spa for most mothers (well, maybe…). These are great for husband to wife transactions too, with a few intimate coupons thrown in for good measure…..


This really depends on how old your little man is, but action figures make a great gift for boys of any age. They don’t need to be expensive, they’ll all be played with the same way. A movie night can be fun too. There are some fun animated movies that are now on DVD from last year, and if he’s a little older, last season was packed with superhero movies. One gift that most boys would love is a small tent – you can pick up a two man tent at your local camping store for not a lot of money – and plan a camp out in the backyard. Pack your torch, some camp chairs and the dog – and your set (send Dad too and have a night to yourself!).


Very young girls will play with anything, but how do you find a gift for a girl that’s just a little too old for dolls? A journal is a great idea, and even though crayons may not be her medium of choice anymore, colorful gel pens and glitter markers make a good gift along with a sturdily bound notebook. Beads will also allow her to start making some of her own jewelry and become creative.


Often the easiest to please, grandparents typically cherish a photo of their grandkids or some art more than anything else. USB picture frames are getting more affordable. These allow you to load several digital pictures into the frame’s memory that change every few seconds.

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