Here are The Best Cookbooks to Gift This Christmas

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Here are The Best Cookbooks to Gift This Christmas

I am the biggest cookbook addict! You have no idea!

Every time a new one enters my house my husband dies a little and just shakes his head.

So here are my picks for the best cookbooks this Christmas!

Ottolenghi FLAVOUR by Yotam Ottonenghi and Ixta Belfrage

Penguin Books RRP $49.99


I can never walk past an Ottolenghi cookbook. Never! London based chef, Yotam Ottolenghi has a fabulous string of deli’s in London along with NOPI and ROVI restaurants, this man has serious street cred, and I bet you my bottom dollar almost any cookbook author would be weak at the knees at the thought of an introduction to their by this master of food and flavour. Ottolenghi Flavour is the third instalment of his best selling and multi award-winning series Plenty.

Ottolenghi FLAVOUR by Yotam Ottonenghi and Ixta Belfrage | Stay At Home Mum

7 Ways Jamie Oliver

Penguin RRP$49.99

Mr Oliver is back at it again with another new cookbook designed to making cooking for busy families easy, healthy, and quick.

‘7 Ways exists to give you new ideas for the ingredients you already know and love. Let’s face it, life is busy, and these days we seem to have more and more demands on our time and headspace. This book is about giving you solutions and breaking down any barriers you might be facing while keeping things straightforward and giving you loads of inspiration on the food front for every day of the week.’

 7 Ways Jamie Oliver | Stay At Home Mum

Sally Obermeder & Maha Corbett

Bayer Books RRP $34.99

Cook Once Eat All Week

All Your Weeknight Dinners Done in Under 2 Hours!

This book is all about getting ahead and being organised where dinners are concerned. No more bustling through the door at dinner and starting from scratch. This is the perfect weekly meal planner in one book! ‘Cook once and eat for days. Delicious food. Food made with quality ingredients that don’t cost a fortune,’ these sisters say.

Sally Obermeder & Maha Corbett | Stay At Home Mum

Snacky Tunes – Darin and Greg Bresnitz with Khuong Phan

Phaidon RRP $49.99

Music is the Main Ingredient, Chef’s and Their Music

Twin brothers, Darin and Greg Bresnitz aired the first episode of their singular podcast Snacky Tunes on July 13 2009, following the success of their award-winning cooking and music show, IFC’s Dinner With The Band. They founded their weekly podcast as a platform where they could discuss food and music, as well as create a space for chefs, restaurateurs and bands to share their stories and creative process.

Snacky Tunes - Darin and Greg Bresnitz with Khuong Phan | Stay At Home Mum

The Chicken Soup Manifesto Jenn Louis

Hardie Grant Books RRP $39.99

The Chicken Soup Manifesto takes an interesting look into how and why people us chicken soup for health and wellbeing across the cultures of our worlds. It has stories and recipes that will inspire you to take a new look at this classic dish.

The Chicken Soup Manifesto Jenn Louis | Stay At Home Mum

Vegan with Bite Shannon Martinez

Hardie Grant RRP $35.00

Chock-a-block full of inspiring vegan recipes, cheffy hacks and tips and trick, Sharon’s mission is show us that plant-based food is delicious, generous, environmentally sustainable and totally achievable!

Vegan with Bite Shannon Martinez | Stay At Home Mum

Saturday Night Pasta Elizabeth Hewson

Plum | Pan Macmillan Australia

Saturday Night Pasta is your ultimate guide to taking a step back and really enjoying the art of crafting pasta and a new love of creating with a conscious mind. It’s full of stories, mantras, step-by-step guides.

Saturday Night Pasta Elizabeth Hewson | Stay At Home Mum

Cook, Eat, Repeat – Nigella Lawson

Penguin | Random House Australia RRP $ 49.99

Nigella cookbook will forever hold a prominent place on my bookshelf and Cook, Eat, Repeats Ingredients, Recipes and Stories will join the others after I have devoured it over the next couple of weeks.  This new book focus’ on the food she is coming at home in her everyday life and delves deeply into the stories or ingredients behind the recipes.

Cook, Eat, Repeat - Nigella Lawson | Stay At Home Mum

Super Good Chelsea Winter

Random House RRP $ 50.00

Super is packed with delicious looking plant-based recipes that should please even the greatest meat-love among your clan! The recipes are simple to prepare and you’ll be enticed to give more plant-based food a go just by looking at the books beautiful photography.

Super Good Chelsea Winter | Stay At Home Mum

Confidence in the Kitchen Emmylou MacCarthy

Plum RRP $39.99

Instagram sensation and TV producer Emmylou MacCarthy has put together a bright, fun collection of the recipes and life hacks that get her through her busy days with some beauty and fashion tips thrown in for good measure. The book highlight exactly why her followers love her so much. Her essence is to ‘live life with confidence because confidence is contagious’.

Confidence in the Kitchen Emmylou MacCarthy | Stay At Home Mum

Australian Food Bill Granger

Murdoch Books RRP $49.99

I have always been a huge Bill Granger fan, his easy-going fun attitude draws me into his cooking shows every time they pop up. His newest cookbook is a collection of recipes inspired by the Australian way of eating and reflects back over his decades of global experience and culinary creativity.

Australian Food Bill Granger | Stay At Home Mum

Africola Duncan Welgemoed

Murdoch Books RRP $49.99

I made it through 2 paragraphs of Marco Pierre White’s forward and I was addicted to this book! Slow Food, Fast Words, Cult Chef are the words that decorate this cover and the cookbook takes us through Duncan’s career as he moved up in the world of food. You might also want to buy them a smoker to go with this book!

Africola Duncan Welgemoed | Stay At Home Mum

In Praise of Veg Alice Zaslavsky

Murdoch Books RRP $49.99

Bright, bubbly, beautiful, informative, this book is Alice in Frames through-and-through. It’s the ultimate guide to veg and features 50 of her favourite veggies along with tips on buying, cooking and storing them.

In Praise of Veg Alice Zaslavsky | Stay At Home Mum

Snack Power Tiffiny Hall

Murdoch Books RRP $32.99

‘Don’t hat on snacks! This is your one-stop guide to smart snacking.’

225 delicious snacks to keep you healthy, happy & lean.

Snacks can real killer if you are trying to lose weight or are just on a mission to get healthier. It’s easy to reach for those salt and sugar-heavy treats. After all, how much bloody hummus, celery and almonds can one gal eat! Tiffiny share all of her favourite snacks and hacks to keep you healthy, happy and lean!

Snack Power Tiffiny Hall | Stay At Home Mum

Barbeque This Luke Hines

Plum | Pan Macmillan Australia RRP $39.99

Luke Hines is back again with another cookbook that will be the perfect gift for the barbeque lover whether they need a little help in the barbequing arena or new inspiration if they’re a bbq master.

Barbeque This Luke Hines | Stay At Home Mum

Kindness Community Vegan Cookbook Collected by Edgar’s Mission

Affirm Press RRP $35.00

Vegan food is still on the rise and this beautiful book brings together 125 delicious plant-based recipes by the Kindness Communities home cooks, chefs and nutritionists along with a few personalities you’ll recognise from including celebrities, sportspeople and musicians.

Kindness Community Vegan Cookbook Collected by Edgar's Mission | Stay At Home Mum

Easy Gluten-Free – Helen Tzouganatos

Plum | Pan MacMillan RRP $39.99

100+ Delicious Gluten-free Recipes the Whole Family Will Love!

Easy Gluten-Free is jam-packed with tips on what to keep in your pantry, a guide to cooking grains and seeds, and the different types of gluten-free flours available to enhance your gluten-free journey and bring the please of food and baking back to your life.

Easy Gluten-Free - Helen Tzouganatos | Stay At Home Mum

Everyone Can Bake – Dominique Ansel

Murdoch Books RRP $4.99

Simple Recipes To Master and Mix

This book is a bible for anyone who wants to bake like a pro but doesn’t know where to start or who doesn’t understand the concepts, or science, behind successful baking.

Everyone Can Bake - Dominique Ansel | Stay At Home Mum

Stalin’s Wine Cellar John Baker and Nick Place

Penguin RRP $34.99

The perfect book for the wine lover or the lover of historical stories, Stalin’s Wine Cellar takes you on a crazy journey in search of some of the worlds oldest rare wines that took halfway around the world to hunt down a mythical cellar they hoped was a reality!

Stalin's Wine Cellar John Baker and Nick Place | Stay At Home Mum

Falastin – Sami Tamimi & Tara Wigley

Penguin Books RRP $49.99

This one of my favourite Palestinian cookbooks! It offers a beautiful insight into Palestinian traditions and customs and full of beautifully enticing recipes take you into the heart of Palestinian tradition and contemporary food.

Falastin - Sami Tamimi & Tara Wigley | Stay At Home Mum

Which ones caught your eye?

Here are The Best Cookbooks to Gift This Christmas | Stay at Home Mum

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