A Complete Guide On How To Actually Enjoy A Holiday With Your KidsNo Matter How Far You’re Going!

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Holidays with the family are enough to make some people cringe and hide away from it all, but, we think, it actually is possible to enjoy a holiday with your kids.

Yep, we might be breaking the cardinal rule but we’ve been on family holidays where we haven’t just endured, we’ve enjoyed. And we want everyone to know what that’s like, which is why we’re here today.

Whether you’re looking for general tips, advice for travelling with little ones, tips for flying or driving, or ideas for how to enjoy a staycation, this is your one-stop-shop for information.

In General…

1. Pack Early, And Rest

Holiday With Your Kids - Stay At Home Mum
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How many parents have found themselves in the situation of being up in the early hours of the morning, before a holiday, to madly finish the job of packing? We know you’re out there, and we get it. Packing takes time, and there’s never enough of that. But, for your own sanity, we urge you to finish packing at least a day or two early, and then use your last night before the holiday to actually get some rest, so you can start it without the stress.

2. Get Kids Excited

Holiday With Your Kids - Stay At Home Mum
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If you want your kids to be on board with some of the more challenging things of going on holiday, then you need to get them excited for it. Involve them in the planning, even just a little bit, and have a countdown to the big day to keep them keen.

3. Be Cautious Of Overpacking

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Having a family makes it hard not to overpack. After all, there’s so much that you need to bring, right? Well, sometimes that is true, but sometimes, that extra stuff is just… stuff. Be realistic about your family’s needs when you’re packing, laying everything out before it goes in the bag to assess it.

4. Have A Comfort

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Being on holiday can be hard for some kids because it means being away from things that are familiar. For inevitable meltdowns, it helps to allow your child to bring something that gives them comfort, like a teddy or small blanket, that they can rely on when they’re away. Keep it close!

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