How to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

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How to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner now, bringing with them the familiar feeling of wonderful Christmas time feasts, get together, events, and traditions.

If you’re hosting a Christmas party or just want to get into the Christmas spirit, one simple way to spread the cheer is by making your home smell like Christmas time.

We all know those familiar scents of an Australian Christmas celebration. Cinnamon, cloves, pine, peppermint, dried spices, and others can all bring a wave of nostalgia whenever we encounter them. You don’t have to go out a raid the candle store or buy special scent diffusers to get the holiday scent in your home. There are tons of natural ways to please your nose and lift your spirits!

How to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas | Stay Stay At Home Mum

Check out these natural Christmas scents:

1. Homemade potpourri

Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas | Stay Stay At Home Mum

Potpourri can be dried out and put around the house in bowls and jars or it can be heated up on the stove to fully release the scents and diffuse them around your home. You can easily make your own potpourri with simple ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, fresh evergreen needles, rosemary, orange and apple slices, or any of your other favourite scented things.

For stove top potpourri, put your chosen scented items into a small pot and fill about halfway with water. Heat it up to boiling. By this time the scents will be spreading around your home. You don’t have to leave it boiling to keep the smell coming, and once it has released the scents your entire home will smell absolutely wonderful for hours!

Dried potpourri is just as easy. Cut your ingredients into small pieces to help release their scent and dry them out in an enclosed area, such as a kitchen container. This will help to keep the aromas locked into the item themselves. When they are dried, combine ingredients in different bowls, jars, or anything else you can use to decorate the house over the holidays.

2. Liquid candles

Home Smell Like Christmas | Stay Stay At Home Mum
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Did you know you can make your own liquid candles with items you might already have around the house? All you need is a mason jar, some yummy smelling items, a lantern wick, and any type of oil (even cooking oils from your kitchen will do).

Simply take your items, put them in the jar, and cover them with oil. Cut a hole in the lid of the mason jar and stick the wick through so that it reaches the bottom of the inside of the jar. Light the candle and enjoy the incredible smells coming from it! These candles are also really attractive for decorations.

Some suggestions for scented items: pine cones, oranges, evergreen branches, cinnamon, or vanilla beans.

3. Baking

Smell Like Christmas | Stay Stay At Home Mum

Nothing says Christmas quite like the smell of fresh-baked goodies! Baking cookies, pies, cake, or other sweet items will fill your home with mouth-watering holidays scents that are irresistibly good. You’ll also get the benefit of filling your stomach with some wonderful holiday treats fresh from the oven!

4. Pomanders

Home Smell Like Christmas | Stay Stay At Home Mum
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Pomanders are easy to make, even as a children’s craft, and have been used for decades to hide odors because of their strong and long-lasting fresh scents.

Simply take a fruit such as an orange and stud it with cloves. You can then cure the fruit with cinnamon, nutmeg, and sandalwood oil to lock in the wonderful smells and keep the pomander from rotting over time. This also works if you used sliced fruits instead of whole ones.

5. Fresh greens

Your Home Smell Like Christmas | Stay Stay At Home Mum
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Decorating for Christmas can be a bit tricky because you have to mix functional with beautiful. Most people just stick to outside decorations like lights and wreaths with just a tree inside and maybe a few candles around the house.

Try adding a little more life to your decorations and incorporate fresh evergreen when making your house more festive. You can put it on the mantel piece, on centrepiece furniture, around the rails of the stairs, or really anywhere else in the home! Fresh evergreen is one of the defining smells of Christmas, so having these branches all around your house is sure to ring along some Christmas cheer.

6. Holiday spritzers

Making Your Home Smell Like Christmas | Stay Stay At Home Mum
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You can get amazing, fresh scents with just a few sprays of a homemade spritzer. It’s so easy to make that you might just have everything you need at home now. Take an essential oil such as peppermint, vanilla, or any other holiday scent and mix around 20 drops of it with 8oz of boiled (and cooled) water. Put that mixture into a spray bottle and get to work spraying whatever you want to with the festive scents of Christmas!

All of these ideas are 100% natural and easy enough that anyone can do them within an afternoon or in just a few minutes. Making your house smell like Christmas helps to usher in the holidays in the best way, especially if you’re having guests over! Don’t trust chemically scented devices anymore when it’s so easy just to make the smells for yourself with these natural Christmas scent ideas.

Just a few ways on how to make your home smell like Christmas!

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