5 Ways To Host a Party Without Losing Your MindDon't get frustrated as festive fever hits home!

With all the craziness surrounding Christmas throwing a party may be the last thing that you really need. But, despite the stress, it can be fun.

This is a great way to showcase your festive side and get together with several of your friends all at once. It saves you a lot of time that you most likely don’t have catching up with friends that are not your immediate family and that you will not be seeing on Christmas or the New Year. You don’t have to throw a fancy black tie ball to celebrate the festive season, in fact, your guests will probably be more comfortable with a casual barbeque out in the backyard or a dinner party. Whatever you choose, below are some good ideas to make your party a success without breaking the bank or losing your sanity.

1. Make a Check List

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What will you need to include on your check list? Preparing the food, choosing the music and making a playlist, getting decorations, getting the drinks ready, etc. Once have your list in place, start early and focus on one thing per day. For example, Monday night you may want to make a Christmas music list, Tuesday night you may want to make a pastry dish to freeze, Wednesday you may want to buy the decorations for the party, Thursday may be dessert making day and Friday can be cleaning the house. All of a sudden you are ready for the party without having to spend all night getting everything done.

2. Ask for Help

You can also enlist the help of other people. One good idea is to have a potluck where everyone brings a dish. That way you can lower your grocery bill and the food preparation. For example if you are inviting five different families over, ask each family to bring one dish. You may be in charge of the main dish while your friends could focus on an appetiser, a dessert, a casserole and a salad. All of a sudden you have a five course meal with minimal effort.

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