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The world has many wonders. One of them that even science has not proved yet is the existence of paranormal forces.

For centuries, people including scientists have debated amongst themselves whether supernatural forces exist. There has not been much to prove this. However, the events witnessed across the globe have indicated the likeliness of demonic or evil incidents that suggest the presence of ghosts and other spirits living among humans. You have seen them in movies, as these dark forces are depicted. The usual picture that most people normally have when they think of haunted places, are overwhelming. That is why when you pass certain places and they rather portray some elements of dark places, you normally get shivers. The truth is, there are places and houses around the world with paranormal activities.

20 Real Haunted Houses You Can Visit | Stay At Home Mum

Every part of the world has its own ghost and supernatural stories and most of these places are more popular. Some of these names might be familiar to you. These places are known to install great fear in people. However, there are those people who are intrigued by the fact that there are places like these existing in this world. Normally, most paranormal activities have been spotted as a result of killings, violent behaviors, or any other activity that occurred in the past. From most books, research and the available records on most haunted places, there are events associated with these events seen today. This article presents some of the 20 real haunted houses you can visit.

1. Monte Cristo Homestead (New South Wales, Australia)

Real Haunted Houses You Can Visit | Stay At Home Mum
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Do not let this house fool you however beautiful it may seem. What happens around it will scare you and intrigue you at the same time. This place is regarded as haunted based on the tragic events that have happened. Numerous reports of incidents mostly violent, including deaths, have occurred in the past. These events make this house one of the most haunted places in Australia. Nevertheless, in recent times, people have died in the place. There have been sudden accidents and deaths as well. In addition, people have been murdered which has led to confusion and paranormal activities in the surrounding areas.

2. Castle of Good Hope (Cape Town, South Africa)

Real Haunted Houses You Can Visit | Stay At Home Mum
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Castles have been known to house some of the royals for centuries. When you live in a castle, you are served with servants and respected by many. However, this wonderfully made castle has more than just the appearance. The residents of this area have been struck by some of the events that took place here. There have been claims of abnormal activities taking place in the house. They were all worried of supernatural activities such as men who were reported to walk around the castle and a dog on the near paths. In addition, a woman was also reported to be seen running across the castle crying, and she only stops running at the spot where her body was discovered. Most people have since suggested that it was the woman who wanted her body to be uncovered, so when excavators found her body, she finally was at peace.

3. The Tower of London (England)

Real Haunted Houses You Can Visit | Stay At Home Mum

You have probably heard of the Tower of London. This tower has been known to host some paranormal activities ever since 1078. In fact, one of the ghosts was that of a headless Anne Boleyn. The other ghosts include Lady Jane Grey and two other ghosts belonging to two princes who according history were killed by Richard III, in 1483 who apparently was their uncle.

4. The Ancient Ram Inn (Gloucestershire, England)

Real Haunted Houses You Can Visit | Stay At Home Mum
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The hotel presents the classic design of an ancient building in England. Nevertheless, do not fall for the charms of this house, it is known to house ghosts. This has been connected to the house’s ancient and more ruthless sacrifices. Some owners have been witnesses to the paranormal activities that took place in this house. They have testified to sometimes being dragged out of bed throughout the house with invincible forces.

5. Port Arthur (Tasmania)

Real Haunted Houses You Can Visit | Stay At Home Mum
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Port Arthur in Tasmania was originally a prison. However, after housing most prisoners, it was reported that many prisoners died over the years. The port also experienced some terrible events such as the 1996 massacre. Ever since, there have been reports of people witnessing some paranormal events. The residents have seen ghosts running around the area.

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