20 Real Haunted Places You Can VisitGet your spook on!

16. Mary King’s Close (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Real Haunted Houses You Can Visit | Stay At Home Mum

If you thought ancient people were not being haunted, you are wrong. This place has been haunted ever since the 17th century. The area has underground paths and tunnels. This place was abandoned when there was an outbreak of a plague. Spirits of the victims of the plague have been seen and footsteps were heard around the place.

17. The Forbidden City (Beijing, China)

Real Haunted Houses You Can Visit | Stay At Home Mum
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The house that hosted the Chinese royalty centuries ago is haunted probably because of the murders that took place here. This is the only probable explanation as to why the ghosts are normally seen. Some of the ghosts believed to be roaming here are that of guards, soldiers, servants, among others.

18. Hell Fire Club (County Dublin, Ireland)

Real Haunted Houses You Can Visit | Stay At Home Mum
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History has it that this house hosted Irish Hell Fire Club in the early 18th century. The club was a hunting spot for the members. However, many satanic rituals took place here. After a fire broke out, the club was abandoned. Most people have claimed the fire was mysterious and probably the former workers, members, and servants of the club continue to haunt the house.

19. Rose Hall (Montego Bay, Jamaica)

Real Haunted Houses You Can Visit | Stay At Home Mum
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Jamaica is a beautiful land but some houses are haunted too. This house located on a plantation has had some haunting stories. The first owners are said to have been practicing voodoo. The owner, who was a woman, was said to have killed many slaves and several husbands. Ghosts of these victims and her ghost are seen to wander around. Tourists have complained of strange noises and presence of ghosts in the place.

20. The Queen Mary Hotel (Long Beach, California, US)

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This hotel is known all over the world for being the most haunted hotel. History has it that two people were found drowned in the hotel’s swimming pool. Their ghosts are seen wandering in the hotel. In addition, other ghosts have also been spotted in the hotel. The only strange incident is with one room, B340, that has since saw more paranormal activities.


Ghosts and other supernatural activities are evident around the world. Most of these events are connected to ancient killings, injustices, among others. They say these spirits are trapped in the world either searching for something, or trying to solve their mysteries.

If you do not believe in ghosts and demonic spirits, try travelling to these places…and SEE for yourself.


Have you been to a haunted place? Tell us your experience!

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