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ActronAir Air Conditioning Adelaide

When you live in some of the hottest environments in the world, heat is something you need to take very seriously. That’s precisely why if you are thinking about purchasing a new air conditioning unit you need to give that decision some serious thought.

So why not start with the air conditioning unit that stands for all things Australian. We are talking about ActronAir. One of the largest Australian owned manufacturers of world class ducted air conditioners, ActronAir has quietly built a reputation for performance, reliability and service that’s second to none since its inception in 1984.

More than 25 years of research and development has resulted in one of the quietest, most energy efficient split ducted and packaged air conditioning systems in the world. Air conditioners that work for the Australian climate because they are engineered specifically for the Australian climate by Australians.

All ActronAir´s ducted air conditioners are designed with high performance components so they can operate in temperatures of up to 50ºC. If larger units for commercial applications are required, ActronAir’s Tri-capacity technology provides 3 stages of refrigeration to better match building thermal load and improve occupant comfort.

So whether you need a new ducted air conditioner for your home or a larger commercial air conditioning unit, talk to the helpful team of air conditioning experts at ActronAir on 1300522722 or visit them at www.actronair.com.au today.

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